Sergei Yarovoy: biography, creativity, career, personal life


 Life of future officer and performer began in Kamchatka Krai in 1957. Sergey’s birthday came on April 23. The boy’s father devoted his life to military cause, it was thanks to him that the child chose his future vocation. According to Yarovoy himself, without paternal influence he would not have achieved any results in military and creative activities.

After receiving his secondary education, the young man made the decision to complete his conscript service in the army. In 1977, he returned home and, under the influence of the previous two years, entered the military school. Yarovoy chose the landing direction of development, for the sake of obtaining a specialty moved to Novosibirsk.

Military affairs

At the end of the school Sergey went to Ryazan, there he got the place of a commissioner who exercises political supervision over the military command and personnel. In 1985, the man first became acquainted with the parachute amphibious brigade at number 350, which in the future will become the basis of the future musical group.

Creative activity

Initially in this regiment was a creative group, which for a while already engaged in musical performances. The servicemen sang for fun, they had no goal of achieving popular popularity. Then the group leader was Oleg Gontsov. Subsequently, Yarovoy took over this position and became one of the most recognizable members of the organization.

The same year that Sergei met the band, the men held their first concerts. At first their main focus was to quail the iconic compositions of the time, and then decided to create their own collection of songs.

The first tracks were mostly about the war in Afghanistan, Yarovoy invested his entire soul when writing lyrics. In 1987, Sergei’s band released their first album. Since the subject of this military conflict was quite popular in Soviet times, the collective quickly managed to gain notoriety among Afghan and Soviet audiences.

At one time, the original lineup broke up, but Yarovoy got caught in time and, thanks to the help of his old friend, was able to bring in a group of new people. The Blue Berets organization maintained its existence because of years of earning authority, their creativity was to the liking of tens of thousands of people. The political department of airborne forces decided to officially approve the ensemble in one of the Moscow parts of the landing troops.

At the moment Yarova celebrated the 30th anniversary of his musical collective. He continues to delight loyal listeners with established songs, while receiving virtually no financial aspect from the performances. The Blue Berets Ensemble has always been a non-profit organization.

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