Sergei Serov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Early biography

Sergei Serov was born in Barnaul on a significant date — December 31, 1957. Since childhood, he showed a tendency to artistry, the boy liked to sing, perform in public, as well as a lot of jokes and was a real favorite among friends. After school he entered Barnaul Institute of Culture, but was soon drafted into the army, where he still continued to hone skills in the Theater of the Soviet Army.

Having returned home, the young man decided to submit to Moscow, where he successfully entered GITIS, and after his end he started work in the Russian Academic Youth Theatre. He skillfully embodied vivid imagery in productions such as “The Cherry Orchard”, “The Circulus of Seville”, “King Lear” and others.

Also since 1999 Sergey Serov cooperates with the capital drama theater “ApartT”, on the stage of which he played the role of Polonius in the production of “Hamlet”. The artist himself admits that most of all he enjoyed playing in the play “A lady with a dog and other living” the image of the musician Arkady Arkadyevich.

Further career

In 1987 Sergei Serov first starred in cinema, playing a prominent role in the film “Plumbum or Dangerous game”, then appeared in the paintings “Protector of the Seds” and “Per Taganka Tanks Walk”. Then came the collapse of the USSR, and for several years in a row the domestic cinema was heavily “stormilo”. A lot of actors, among which Sergey Serov, for a long time remained no care. The situation improved in the early 2000s when television series became popular.


charismatic actor can be seen in projects such as “Who’s in the House the Host?” , “Doctor Tyrsa”, “Fizruk” and many others. Often Serov performed the role of good-natured and a little foolish militiamen, military and ordinary workers. Periodically he is invited to quite large films, for example, “Admiral”, “Crew”, the continuation of the famous picture “Weary of the Sun” and others. In 2018, the actor appeared in the long-awaited historical series “Boris Godunov”, in which he played the role of voivode Semyon Duda.

Personal life

Even in his student years Sergey Serov met his love — actress Irina Augshkap, who became his wife. In 1980, the couple became happy parents to son Alexander, who later continued the acting dynasty.

Sergey Vyacheslavovich is a great lover of delicious food, which can be judged by his characteristic complex, which he is not at all shy. The actor confesses that he even considered publishing his own recipe book. At the same time, he considers himself a simple and non-public person, preferring to spend his free time fishing and sit-ins in nature.

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