Sergei Matveev: biography, creativity, career, personal life

From the biography

 Sergey Vladimirovich Matveev was born in 1971. Bryansk. A special, unique hearing and voice for a long time neither the family nor he found. His parents did not want him to do music. But then things changed dramatically. Having succumbed to the agreements, they allocated money from the family budget to buy a guitar.

Bardov sprouts

In 1985 there was the first song that was performed at the prom. Songwriting was made a start. In the school ensemble and then in the institute performed on dance floors. In his freshman year, he nearly disrupted a student festival. Hearing his songs, students demanded more and more, and the contest turned into his concert. Then came the time for performances at hometown restaurants.

While serving in the Army in his spare time he played guitar. After the Army didn’t quit the musical craze. He worked at the Leisure Centre as a vocalist of 6 category. For a few years he went to other cities for commercial activities.

Creativity is gaining traction

Back in Bryansk, at the studio of the production center “Live Water” recorded the first album “Handshake across the ocean” co-written with Ilya Itskov from New York.

S.’s solo career Matveev continued: in 2005 saw the light of the album “Unmade-up plot” together with songs by Alexander Barykin, who became the creative coordinator and mentor of the novice chansonnier. Their creative alliance was long enough. Not only did they record together, but they traveled around cities with tours.

C. Matveev not only performs works, but also writes words and music. His repertoire has his author songs and songs by other authors.

Long ago became his favorite albums:

“Star” meetings

On fateful meetings he was lucky. In his youth working in restaurants, he performed hits of famous stars. There was dating to them, who later played an important role in listening to and recording his albums. So, when Matveev took his album to Moscow for an audition, personal acquaintance with M.Z. Shufutinsky played a role.

Glyzin, Barykin, Mikhailov and Leps are his friends, with whom he can call at any time and find out how he is doing.

“ Bryansk Leps”

In 2010 C. Matveev was invited to television, where he successfully performed on the channel “La Minor”. It is called “Bryansk Leps”. On this occasion, he jokes:

Many of his compositions are becoming popular: they are listened to in concert halls, they sound on radio stations. Matveev’s lyrics and song delivery satisfy the tastes of the most discerning melomans.

Soulful chanson

In his songs the snow falls, the dawn shines, lives the babier summer and the night mirages, rain pours, talking to a man, the soul lives like a freebird, and no one will bundle it in cell.

Dawn, evening or morning, occupies people’s imagination. Therefore, poems are composed about it, put on music lines, paintings are written. And there is a lot of singing about the summer of women… All sad about the summer… It is pleasant not only to the look, but also to the soul of the man. He’s waiting.

In his songs, a new day brings to the listener the answers to eternal questions. The life of a fictional song hero consists of fleeting encounters. This is the night mirages, that is the fate of the superage. He calls everything that happens to him a superlative and realizes that it’s not love.

And also lyrical chansonnier dreams. About him and she staring at a bonfire they once marveled at when they loved each other. It rained, and a bonfire went out. And now in the intervening years, they are looking at the bonfire again and as if they are cramming the embers of an old campfire.

In the songs of S. Matveev thanks God for the fact that he stands a mountain for love, tries to answer the eternal philosophical question — where does love live. Listening to his motives, the man asks questions about love, about life, he speculates about what will come and it is time for him to repent, he asks for forgiveness from the woman and calls her the best.

In his songs, the singer goes not 100, but a thousand roads and… prides himself on a “handshake across the ocean.” And he tries to convey to the listener how to all public people, including him, unbearable to create under the eye of the “yellow” press!

About it the song “Under the Sight”. True love is not displayed, and it is not for ubiquitous lenses. The desire to move away from them is natural. The man wants to feel away from the bustle the primacy of the Earth and walk down a road strewn with roses. That is happiness, that is love in paradise! Where there is no envy and bills, duplicity and evil. Where are only some sincere phrases!

About the love chanson sings

The performer is sad about his love going away. He recalls the moments of meeting his beloved during the summer. He lives on the hope that doubts will flutter, and the ways of the once loved people will converge. The author of the lines wants to sooner come winter that would freeze all his sorrows.

A man who is on the way, in front of thousands of roads. Cities await him… He wants love and home warmth and return to his native lands. The man will return to his beloved and say how longed without her, and the same simple, affectionate words he wants to hear from the girl.

Nobody wants to grieve, but this state of man is and will be. The song’s author suggests it be placed in a far corner of the soul. The question is why so? — unnecessary. It turns out that the man who met the woman loved her in a way he never liked. His whole life passes before him. And he was in trouble, and he was everywhere, but not in the place where he met her. Was rich and then completely without business. For him, all encounters with women in the past are all not true love. And there came a moment in his life — there was an insight into what true love was. And indeed, with pure soul “by clean water,” as the song is called.

God tried his best, and man and woman met. The man is confident that he will keep their love alive. And word recognition is not obligatory, because God understands this feeling. After all, vows in love sometimes cost nothing.

The image of rain is always amazing. It necessarily acts on the person in any way. In that song, he talks to a man. Rain reminds him of his separation from his beloved and as if he knows that the man hasn’t forgotten about his beloved one. And, laughing, rain gives the man a long-awaited call.

The man has no doubt that the love, which connected his life with the woman, for the remaining time destined for him by destiny. He has her and she has him. Through all obstacles he will pass and try to protect their love from troubles. And let all past sorrows be left behind, we must live the future.

From the personal life of

S. Matveev became a husband at 19, soon a son was born, who was named Sergei. Now there are two Sergii Matveevs in the family. The singer is confident in himself, knows the reason in life and the price of his actions, he is tired of separation, dreams of sincere reciprocity and ready for change.

Olympus chanson conquered

Now the provincial singer has become famous. His career goes on brilliantly. People are drawn to his voice.

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