Sergei Klimov: biography, creativity, career, personal life


 Sergei Anatolyevich Klimov was born on June 20, 1976. Since 2001, he has worked at the Satyricon Theatre. In various years, actors such as Sergei Dorogov, Fyodor Dobronravov, Valeria Lanskaya and Ekaterina Malikova could be seen on his stage. Sergey’s colleagues on the theatre include Stepan Devonin, Elena Voinovskaya, Alexey Zemsky, Lilia Makarova and Dmitry Lyamochkin. Klimov was educated at MHAT Studio School. He studied at Leontiev’s Vanguard course. Klimov played in the play “Chantecler”. He could also be seen as Nicolletto in R. Strurua’s “Signor Todero Host”. In Konstantin Raikin’s “Profitable Place”, he played Belogubov. In the play “Kjojin sparring”, Sergei performed the role of bailiff, and in the production of “Funny Money” – Slayton.


‘s acting career in cinema began with an occasional role in the TV series “March Turkish”. The detective walked from 2000 to 2007. Sergei played a duty man in it. He then got the role of Jorah in the 2002 TV series “Line of Defense”. This is a criminal detective about a Moscow lawyer. Klimov’s next work took place in the TV series “Truckers 2″. He appeared in it as Igor. He then played Pushkarev in the 2005 TV series “Alexander Garden”. Military melodrama narrates the life and work of the top of power in the Moscow Kremlin.

After 2 years, he was invited into the detective “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”. At the center of the story are detectives, their supervisor and the prosecutor. Later, the actor could be seen as Andrei in “Tatianin Day”. The melodrama characters hit a love triangle. The guy is dating two girlfriends, not knowing the girls are familiar. The series ran in 2007 and 2008. He then played a district policeman in the TV series “Thunderbirds. House of Hope.” It’s a story about uneasy family relationships. The actor received his next role in the melodrama “More Important Than Love”. The main character is a journalist who has a daughter sick. For the baby’s sake, the woman goes trickery

In 2007, Sergei starred in the feature-length television play “Signor Todero the Host”. He was given the role of Nicolletto, Desiderio’s son. The actor then appeared as Mikhail in the TV series “The Hour of Volkov”. He walked from 2007 to 2011. The main characters are operational staff. In 2008 Sergei was invited to the TV series “Glukhar” for the role of Igor, an employee of the military prosecutor’s office. Detective was nominated for Golden Eagle. He later starred in “The Hiking of Notary Neglintsev”. In 2009, the TV series “The Sword” featuring Klimov was released. He was given the role of riot police commander. Work in the TV series “Silent Witness 3″ followed. The lead roles were won by Ivan Shabaltas, Alexander Bobrov, Maria Raskazova and Natalia Staryi.


In the TV series “Soldiers 16: Dembel is Inevitable”, Sergei can be seen in the role of Captain Antipkin. Directors of military comedy – Andrey Golovkov, Fedor Krasnoperov, Kira Angelina. He later starred in the detective “The Deaf. Return” of 2010. He was given the role of doctor. The actor was then invited to play the role of Paul in the painting “Happiness by Contract”. The melodrama tells of a man who saw his wedding in his dream. He married literally at gunpoint. Further events in the life of the hero will show that this dream needed to be paid attention. In 2011, Klimov starred in the TV series “Made in the USSR”. The character of the actor is a partkom instructor. Heroes are a married couple. Their children have grown up and they live in the village. However, soon their village must disappear, because it is on the site of the future station. Klimov played Vasily Tarasyuk in the TV series “Lavrova’s Method”. The heroine is a teacher at the university, and in the past she is a detective. She has outstanding analytical ability. The actor played in Sea Devils 5. The characters are combat swimmers and former commandos.

In the TV series “The Eighties”, Sergei was given the role of Alexander Maslyakov. The action takes place in times before the collapse of the USSR. In the detective sequel “Lavrova’s Method 2″, he reappeared as Vasily Tarasyuk. The actor was then invited to the 2013 miniseries “Puppet Dancing”. At the center of the detective’s story is a housekeeper and her employer. Sergey got the role of editor. Work in “A Beautiful Life” followed. This is the story of how a happy loved-up couple wanted to be separated. He later starred as Captain in the TV series “Hornet’s Nest”. It began in 2016. The main characters are relatives who live in the same house, but don’t get along very much. Next, the actor underwent a casting call for the role of Lednev in the TV series “Love by Order”. At the center of the story is an artist of the theater. Klimov played a doctor in the comedy “Ivanovy-Ivanovs”. The script is swirled around swapping children at the maternity hospital. The series ran in 2017.

That same year, he could be seen as Ganina in the miniseries “Survival Love”. The main character learns that her husband is missing, and with her in the apartment will live a foreign man whose purpose is to survive the hostess. Sergey received his next work in “Double Life”. Klimov’s character is an investigator. In 2018, he appeared in the miniseries “Sleepers 2″. He was then invited to “Operation Satan”. The actor later played in the series “Between Us Girls. Sequel”. That same year, he was given the role of Inspector in the feature film “Wizards”. Among the actor’s recent works is the role of a professor in the comedy series “Millionaire from Balashikha”.

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