Sergei Ivanovich Furgal, biography

 Could the parents of Sergei Ivanovich Furgal in 1970 assume that they take away from maternity hospital of the future governor of Khabarovsk Krai? Of course, not, however, as well as Sergey, who graduated in 1992 from the medical institute in Blagoveshchensk.

Officially, Sergei became a businessman in 1999. However, while still working as a doctor, successfully engaged in the import of Chinese fish consumption. However, time was such in the country that shuttles worked a huge number of people. And then the proximity of the country, in which there is a lot of good. Sin was not to earn money on it.

By the beginning of the new century, it turned out that by reselling cheap Chinese things, there was much not to earn, and Sergei switched to selling timber to the same China. And to the far eastern forest in Chinese comrades long ago love existed. And if this is a real cedar, it’s a beauty! So appeared LLC “Alkuma” in which Sergey became the general director.

When the routes to China are established, it is possible to expand the sorting of supplies. So another limited liability company “Myf-Khabarovsk” is born. It has chosen the collection of ferrous scrap as its activity. Sounds quite harmless. Irons of all sorts, freely wallowing, species and ecology spoil. Here only these glands represented not only scrap, but also everything that could be brought under it. Agricultural machinery, for example. Or ships. There’s plenty of iron in them.

Around the same time, Furgal became interested in politics. From all political parties he looked to LDPR. So in 2005 Sergey Ivanovich became the coordinator of the Khabarovsk regional branch of the LDPR and a member of the regional parliament of Khabarovsk Krai. Further more. From 2007 to 2018 Sergey Furgal was a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Furgal ran for the first time for the position of governor of Khabarovsk Krai in 2013, however lost to his rival Vyacheslav Shport. Then Sergey Ivanovich scored 19.14%. In 2018, things switched and Furgal became Governor with nearly 70% of the vote.

Furgal began his activities in post with a major reduction in spending on public procurement. This allowed to save more than 150 million rubles. Sergey Ivanovich received a lot of support from the population after cutting the salary as the governor. The reduction was significant when one considers that the predecessor’s salary was almost 1.5 million rubles a month. Furgal appointed a modest 400 thousand.

If you take into account that Khabarovsk Krai is deeply endowment and has debts of about 50 billion rubles, these cuts are not much noticeable, although the people are very sympathetic.

Furgal’s detention sparked a storm of protests in the Khabarovsk region. But history will put everything in its places.

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