Sergei Gagarin: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Gagarin Sergey Sergeyevich was a prince, headed imperial theatres.


Sergey Gagarin was born into an eminent family in 1795. His father was Prince Sergei Sergeevich. And Varvara’s mother Nikolaevna Golitsyna heard a famous beauty.

Personal life

When the time came, Sergey Gagarin got married. He became the husband of Polish Princess Isabella of Walewska. The girl was 5 years younger than her choice.

As the couple’s contemporary, Smirnova Alexandra Osipovna wrote, Sergei Sergeyevich Gagarin was stingy and gave his wife on outfits little means. But Countess Isabella of Walewska was wealthy enough, so she didn’t particularly need her husband’s money.

Isabella Gagarina was exquisite and beautiful, but rarely showed light. As the writer Pyotr Andreevich Vyazemsky later testified, with age Isabella began to believe in miracles and mysticism.

Cheta Gagarins produced 6 daughters and two sons. So many children were given to the choice of Isabella Valevskaya. The wife subsequently outlived her husband by 34 years, dying at the age of 86.


Sergei Sergeyevich was a dedicated theatre player. He worked hard, developed this type of art. Sergei Sergeevich in 1931 opened the Alexandrinsky Theatre, was able to transform the Theatre School.

That there were no curves, the faithful husband Gagarin always accepted actresses at his office standing, did not offer them to sit down. After all, his predecessors were seen in defaming their honor, but Gagarin S. S. was a faithful spouse and respected his wife.

As his contemporaries told, he was distinguished by nobility, special virtue, was affable and welcoming.

But like many creative natures, Sergei Sergeevich was sometimes “inaccessible and flashy.” Because of this, he retired before time, as the minister refused to increase the amount for the maintenance of the theater. Then Gagarin broke out and left office.


theatre did not become famous in September 1852. His ashes rest in the grounds of a male monastery in the Sergiyeva Desert. He’s entombed there next to his wife. But it was a reburial, as at first Gagarin was betrayed to the land in Stuttgart, where he died.


The first Sergey Gagarin had a son. Infant’s name coincided with paternal. The boy came to light on the first day of February 1824. But he died at the age of 4.

The next was born Varvara, who lived a long life, and her chosen was a Danish envoy.

Then Sergey Sergeevich had a daughter, Alexandra, who later built the church.

Olga’s daughter was a court of law.

Maria subsequently became the wife of Count Shuvalov.

Sophia’s next daughter lived for only two years. And his son Sergey subsequently became a member of the Academy of Arts, became famous as a collector and art critic. Tatiana was a fraylin.

Natalia became the last daughter of even Gagarin. The years of her life are truly unknown.

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