Sergei Dronov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Childhood and adolescence 

Throughout human history, men have been protectors of their home, locality, their country. Boys in the majority still dream of becoming tankers, sailors or airmen. In childhood years Sergey Vladimirovich Dronov did not stand out children with whom he grew and was brought up on the street. With his mother’s milk, he absorbed the rules of behavior in difficult life situations. One of the basic rules of behavior was for him the folk proverb — kill yourself, and save your comrade. In both office and personal relationships, he never violated that principle.

The future general of the Russian Military Space Forces came to light on August 11, 1962 in an ordinary Soviet family. The parents lived in Almazovka settlement of Voroshilovgrad region. His father worked as a passer in one of the coal mines. Her mother worked as an educator in a kindergarten. At school Sergey studied well. On all subjects, he had only good and excellent grades. In his spare time from studies and domestic chores, he practiced athletics and football. When it came time to choose a profession, Dronov decided to get a profile education at Yei Higher Military Aviation School of Pilots.

Sergei liked the educational process. He effortlessly mastered the theoretical foundations of aerodynamics. Well versed in aircraft design. In his second year, in autumn 1981 Dronov performed a training flight, working out the piloting technique. The weather stood sunny and no complications or glitches the cadet expected. At an altitude of 1200 meters, the air intake was randomly hit by a bird. The engine is cordial. The pilot reported the incident to the flight manager. A command to start the engine forcefully followed. However, the result was zero. Meanwhile, the aircraft began to lose altitude.

If the airman had catapulted, the aircraft could have fallen within the locality. Dronov, having soberly assessed a situation, decided to plant the car with the removed chassis on a beveled field outside the city. Having demonstrated high piloting technique, the cadet safely landed the aircraft “on a belly”. The landing platform served as a mown wheat field. Similar precedents have happened before. In situations like this, even experienced pilots could not cope with the controls and died. For demonstrated courage and excerpt of cadet Sergey Dronov was awarded the Order of “Red Star”. Military school cadets are very rarely awarded with orders of battle.

Service weekdays

In 1983 Dronov completed his training and received a referral for further service in famous Belarusian Military District. The young lieutenant gained combat experience as part of the fighter-bombing regiment. Serhiy Vladimirovich’s service career folded progressively. In all positions, he showed calm, prudence and deep knowledge. In 1990, he was sent to the Yuri Gagarin Air Force Academy. After graduating from the academy, he was appointed commander of a fighter regiment in the North Caucasus Military District.

For three years Dronov commanded the Air Force and air defense units in the Far Eastern Military District. This region has its own specificity and the commander had to personally work out joint actions of all kinds of troops in case of a military conflict. Large-scale exercises attended by the President of the Russian Federation demonstrated a high level of personnel training. In 2013, Major General Dronov was appointed Deputy Commander of the National Air Force.

In the second half of 2015, the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic concluded a cooperation agreement in military sphere. In accordance with this treaty, the Russian Air Force base appeared on the territory of this republic. In September of that year, General Dronov was appointed head of the aviation group. The situation in the region was characterized by complexity and unpredictability. For two years, Sergei Vladimirovich planned and conducted combat operations, carrying out orders of the Supreme Commander. The business trip ended in 2017 and Dronov returned to his homeland. In 2019, he was appointed commander in chief of the Russian Air Force, and deputy commander of the Military Space Forces.

Awards and personal life

At all positions Sergey Dronov served diligently and conscientiously. He is qualified as a military sniper pilot. For his great contribution to strengthening the defense capability of the country, the Lieutenant General was awarded many honorary orders and medals. On the chest of the illustrious pilot shone the Order of Zhukov, two Orders of Courage, the Order of Military Merit and the most expensive Order of the Red Star. Sergey Vladimirovich was awarded the “Honored Military Pilot of the Russian Federation”.

Very little is known about the commander in chief’s personal life. Such information is not published in open sources to ensure a security regime for family and loved ones.$ It is no secret that Dronov is living in a legal marriage. Husband and wife raised and raised two children. One might add that nothing human to a glorified airman is alien.

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