Sergei Chumakov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

For a long time Sergey S. Chumakov did not appear on the variety. After an extended absence, however, he returned to the stage. The singer records new compositions, and his hits are consistently popular.

Road to fame


biography of the future artist began in 1972. The boy appeared in Moscow on June 7 in the family of a waiter and crane attendant. The child practically showed musical giftedness from the early days. From the age of 6, he attended music-school, and spent a year in choral class. Besides music the guy was keen on hockey and boxing. A sixth-grader began learning guitar playing.

After graduation, Chumakov studied at the Mechanical-Construction Technical School. From 1991 to 1996, the young man was a soloist and frontman for the music-group “10 A”. The music career began due to the occasion.

Sergey’s game was heard by a stranger who asked the guy for a phone number. Soon the meeting for the talented singer was appointed by Alexander Shaganov, who was looking for a performer for songs written with composer Valery Bashenev. Compositions quickly became sluggers, and four of them made it to the international catalogue of the best.


Popularity came after participating in the TV singing competition “Morning Star”. After her there were “Christmas Meetings”, concert programs, touring and recording albums. The unexpectedly successful vocalist disappeared from the stage.

Unhappiness in the family, which occurred in 2004, until 2010 did not allow the vocalist to return to singing activities. He worked as a mover, was a taxi driver.

Return to the variety took place only in 2011. Having recorded several new songs, Sergey appeared on TV. In 2013 Chumakov performed the song of Santa in the cartoon project “Save Santa”. A year later, viewers saw a show about the singer’s work on NTV. In 2018, the singer registered his name label and presented a new compilation “Cryptocaleidoscope”. He sings about the fact that one himself manages fate, tells of the fact that one can never give up.

Family and career

Uneasy developed personal life of the performer. The first choice of artist was grimer Svetlana. Her musician met on the shoot. The young people got married, but the popular performer had a bit of free time. The busy schedule was the cause of the break-up.

In 1995, the singer made a new attempt at family happiness. The new choice was the sportswoman Lyudmila. However, this time together they did not stay long.

Sergey does not stop doing creativity. He tours, recording new songs in the pop-rock style. Despite the increased interest, the details of the vocalist’s personal life are carefully concealed. His heart is known to be loose.

The entertainer tried himself in movies. He starred in the painting “Exchange” at Maria Pavlovskaya, played the buyer of the apartment.

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