Sergei Belikov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

In 1976 came a disc with the songs of David Tukhmanov “On the Wave of My Memory”. Especially the listeners were attracted by the composition “Sentimental Walk”, which became one of the best in the collection, performed by the young vocalist Sergey Grigoryevich Belikov. Its lyrical tenor is to this day considered unique due to its three-octave range.

Path to the peaks

The biography of a future celebrity began in 1954. The boy appeared on October 25 in Krasnogorsk, in the family of the driver of a heavy cargo.

Sergei studied at the Musical School. At the same time, the boy was actively engaged in sports, giving high hopes as a footballer. He continued his education at the local music and pedagogical school.

He studied Belikov at the department of folk instruments. At one of the performances in the hometown of the talented musician was noticed by professionals and offered him to perform in the capital.

His studies continued at Moscow University of Culture and Arts on orchestral conducting. After his graduation in 1971 began Belikov’s career on domestic variety. From 1974 he sang in VIA “Arax”, participated in Zakharov’s rock productions.


Singer collaborated with many famous composers and recorded quite a few songs for film. In 1980 the artist moved to the group “Gems”, becoming one of the soloists. The singer took part in the creation of many songs of the collective, together with Yuri Antonov presented a new project.

The songs of the ensemble occupied the top lines of the hit parades, Sergey repeatedly became the nominee and the winner of the title “Best Singer of the Year”. In the late eighties, the soloist of the popular group presented the works “Flowers on the Tarmac” and “The Mirror and the Jester”, both recognized as successful.

Since 1985 began his solo career as a vocalist. In collaboration with Leonid Derbenev and Vyacheslav Dobrynin, he presented the hits “Live, spring!” , I dream of a village”, “Can’t forget”. A new round of popularity began from 1994. Then Belikov presented the single “Night Guest”, which took the fourth position in the hit parade on “Radio Russia”.

One of Belikov’s most popular songs was the hit “Have Trouble Eyes Green”. It he recorded for the film tape “Dangerous Friends” in 1979.The singer’s voice became one of the most recognizable.

Family and creativity

Long time vocalist played in the football team “Starko”. He is recognized as the top scorer of the star national team.

The musician’s personal life also developed. With his wife Elena, a member of the ensemble “Birch”, the artist met on a tour. A son and daughter, Grigory and Natalia, grew up in the family.

Like his father, Belikov Jr. chose a career as a musician. He does club music.

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