Seraphinite: appearance and properties of the stone

The first mentioned the unusual stone in his writings was the mineralogist Koksharov in the 19th century. By the beginning of the new century, the mineral was interested in the search for natural analogues of tourmaline, malachite and emerald.

Features, varieties of

Mineral form closely adjacent to each other layered small scales. Most of all in the composition of chromium and calcium. The color of the crystal determines the concentration in its composition of chromium oxide. If its less than 4%, the crystals are bright pink, as the amount increases, the mineral becomes darker.

Varieties of seraphinite are named after the researchers:

  • purple or red cammererite;
  • purple-pink and lilac kochubeite;
  • green or brown ripidolite;
  • dirty-gray sheridanite.

The translucent self-color is very soft. Scales with pearl shine are easily separated from each other. The breed does not tolerate the effects of either ultraviolet or hot vapor. Neither chemistry nor aggressive acids can be used to clean crystals. The stone is rubbed with moisturized warm vodla with a soft napkin.

Even the tiniest scratches disrupt the natural pattern. Therefore, decorations are stored away from the sun and moisture with upholstered soft cloth casket.


Due to its original structure, stone is popular with craftsmen. Usually, clinochlor will recover into silver. A lot of interesting properties at the stone.


Healers believe that seraphinite is endowed with the ability of the mental state. Reaches the mascot healing wounds, burns.

  • The condition is improved after surgery, the cardiac system is restored. Wearing an amulet improves collagen production, and skin aging slows down.
  • Looking into fancy patterns on the surface for a few minutes a day improves mood, stabilizes the state of the nervous system.
  • Relieves clinochlor from migraines and headaches, leads to normal pressure indicators.

Improving immunity.


Wearing contributes to strengthening:

  • tactness;
  • kindness;
  • prudence;
  • decency.

Seraphinite is said to be an excellent helper in love. It is ideal for religious and public figures, doctors and educators. According to esotericists, wedge-chlorine figurines protect the dwelling, scare off misfortunes and diseases and improve family welfare. The main purpose of the mineral is called maintenance of home comfort.

Sagittarians, Aries and Lions with the help of an amulet can balance the character. Mascots in the form of rings will help carriers of water elements to gain confidence and peace. The air elements will get rid of windiness, will become less mercantile.

Gem fits all members of the zodiac circle. The stone does not have a negative impact.

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