Semyon Kirsanov: a brief biography

Routes of destiny

 According to all predictions and predictions, this man has had a very different path of life. However, revolutionary events confused all the layouts of astrologers. Samuil Isaakovich Kortchik was born on September 18, 1906 in the family of a famous clothier and fashion designer of women’s clothing. The parents resided in the city of Odessa. The boy was loved but not pampered and brought up in rigour. When age came, he was enrolled in a gymnasium. Sema studied not well, but the events that took place under the windows of the house distracted him from classical philosophy.

The future creator of rhymed prose, not only observed the development of revolutionary processes, but took a strong part in them. Already in junior high school he began writing poetry and coined himself the poetic pseudonym Kirsanov. In those years, the idol of young poets and writers was the futurist poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. Unsurprisingly, Semyon, which is called, became infected with the energy of this man and tried in every possible way to imitate him. He wrote the first poem in 1916, when he was ten years old.

Literary activity

Being a student of the Odessa Institute of Public Education, Kirsanov hosted active participation in the literary life of the city. As a young and promising poet, he was accepted into the creative association “Poets Collective”, whose members were already Eduard Bagritsky, Vera Inber, Valentin Katayev. It is interesting to note that the young poem did not succumb to the influence of older workshop mates. He went his way and after a while created the Odessa Association of Futurists. His poems and felletons were published in newspapers “Stanok”, “Sailor”, “Odessa Pravda”.

At the invitation of Vladimir Mayakovsky, in 1925, Kirsanov moved to Moscow. Already a year later, his first collection of poems, titled “Trailer. Stories to rhyme.” Gradually entering the creative process, the poet firmly adhered to the positions on which the surviving Futurists stood. Kirsanov not only wrote works chanting new life, but continued experiments with the word. In his poems, he connected political themes with philosophical and historical subtext. Made up gorgeous palindromes.

Recognition and personal life

During the Great Patriotic War, Kirsanov worked in various editorial offices of front-line newspapers. Worked on producing flyers and posters. He wrote felletons, slogans of chastushka. The poet’s work was appreciated — Semyon Kirsanov was awarded the Order of Lenin and two orders of the Red Banner of Labour.


poet’s personal life cannot be called perfect. He was legally married three times. The first wife died of tuberculosis. The second – left no trace in Kirsanov’s biography. From the third spouse was next to the poet until her demise. Semyon Kirsanov died in December 1972 from laryngeal cancer. He was buried in Novodevichy Cemetery.

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