Secret Garden Duo: A Creativity Story

The duo’s music is visual. It resembles a sound to the film, but this movie has not yet been made by anyone. In the work of Rolf Loveland and Fionnuala Sherry musicians, elements of northern national and Celtic melodies, classics and New age joined together.

The path to each other

Rolf Undset Lovland appeared in 1965 in Kristiansand, a city in southern Norway. The boy wrote his first musical composition at the age of 9. He studied at the Institute of Music in Oslo, becoming Master of Music. The composer and poet, who became one of the most popular authors in the country, was awarded the national award “Grammy” before the appearance of the duo, repeatedly became the winner of “Eurovision”.

Fionnuala Sherry’s biography began in 1962 in the Irish town of Neiss. She was fond of music since childhood, trained to play the violin. The girl continued her education at Dublin College of Music. The graduate was accepted into the orchestra of national radio and television RTÉ.

Produced according to her concept, the music show for children enjoyed constant success, performed violinist and with famous musicians, recorded tracks to movies. Like her future colleague, she was awarded the Norwegian Grammy Award.

The birth of the duo


fateful meeting took place in 1994. Together, Rolf and Fionnuala formed the duo “Secret Garden”. According to the intention of the participants, the secret garden each grows in the soul. In it emotions blossom, dreams grow, feelings mature. The road to each garden is unique. A unifying force became internally the sense of harmony, the essence of the nature of man.

Rolf admitted that his compositions were a small part of what he found by going into his secret garden. He met the artist who gave voice to his songs in the person of Sherry in 1994. Neoclassical and Celtic humming disentangle consciousness, relax and help to find hope for happiness.

Virtuoso violin playing endowed Loveland’s compositions with wings. It took the unique duo a year to win the hearts of listeners around the world. The debut was “Nocturne”, played at Eurovision in 1995. The creativity of the winners confidently keeps the bar high, occupying the highest ranks of the ratings.


In 1996, the pair presented their first compilation “Song from a secret Garden”, which went platinum. Since then, more than a dozen albums have been published, taking the highest positions of “Billboard”. The sounds of nature are woven into the music. In each composition, fans hear something familiar from childhood. Organically combined in melodies church chants and oriental motifs, choral singing and Celtic songs, neoclassical.

Musical feelings the members of the duo express freely. Lovland plays the role of composer and keyboardist, Fionnuala turned into the soul of a small collective. She soloises in the band’s most celebrated creations.

Listeners receive unique emotions at “Secret Garden” concerts, immersing themselves in a magical and mysterious world. Their music is inimitable. Professionals managed to find their place.

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