Saveliy Kramarov: a brief biography

Difficult childhood

 Saveliy Viktorovich Kramarov came to light on October 13, 1934 in an intelligent family. At that time, the parents lived in Moscow. His father practiced law. The mother ran a household and raised her son. During that period there were events in the country that later called great terror. When the boy turned four, the father was arrested and sentenced to eight years of camps. On the street Savva began teasing the son of the enemy of the people.


future film actor had to grind a dash. The mother couldn’t find work for a long time. The orphaned house at times did not contain a piece of bread for dinner. Constant strain and difficult living conditions undermined the mother’s health. She became seriously ill and died of cancer. The 16-year-old was left in the care of his uncle. They lived in a communal apartment. In school Kramarov studied no matter. Skipped classes and interrupted from three to deuce. I loved spending time in movies most. The fact is that the neighbor worked as a controller in the cinema and allowed Savelia into the hall for free.

Saveliy knew

creative activity

by the names and surnames of all Soviet and foreign actors. I knew and secretly dreamed of acting in movies himself. After graduating, he decided to receive a profile education and submitted documents to the Shchukin Theatre School. But it failed to pass the creative competition. Then Kramarov enrolled in the capital forestry institute. During his student years, Saveliy was active in the theater studio, which operated under the Central House of Arts Workers. After graduating from the institute, he worked for a time as a greener. And at the same time visiting film sets.

Once Kramarov smiled his luck, and he was offered to participate in the mass event. Saveliy played his first role in the painting “Guys from Our Yard”. The textured performer was noticed and invited to shoot the film “Goodbye Pigeons”. Initially it happened that the actor was offered the roles of geezers and prostacks. Kramarov did not gravitate to such an amplua. It is interesting to note that each, even fleeting role remained in the audience’s memory for a long time. His popular popularity was brought to him by the image of Ilyuha Kosogo in the film “The Elusive Avengers”.

Emigration and personal life

In 1974 Kramarov was awarded the honorary title “Honored Artist of the RSFSR”. And just two years later they stopped offering film and theatre roles. The reason for this attitude was an uncle who went to Israel. In 1981 after him left his homeland and Saveliy. In the United States, where the artist settled, he managed to star in several films.

Kramarov’s personal life has not developed very smoothly. The actor tried to start a family three times, but circumstances resisted it. With his third wife Natalia Siradze, he lived for the last six months before passing away. Saveliy Kramarov died in June 1995 from cancer.

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