Save nature: how to replace disposable things with reusable things

1. Disposable tank bags in stores are perfectly replaced with aeight bags, shopper bags, backpacks and other reusable options. Yes, and a regular package can be used several times.

2. Plastic bags for food and other. Today, for example, in stores, packaging packages are freely available. Reusable alternative to them are so-called “fruit”, which is sachets of thin, transparent fabric that can be washed. In addition, some products do not require packaging at all. So, if you need to buy one fruit or vegetable, they can be weighed without a package and put the price tag directly on the product.

3. Disposable sponges for washing dishes, for cleaning the bathroom. Synthetic foam sponges can be replaced with fabric, jute, other reusable ones made of natural material. Their big plus is that they will last longer.

4. Same goes for washmoths. Synthetic washcloth can also be replaced with those made of natural materials (foam, jute and others).

In addition, such washcloth is nice to wash, as well as they supersede body scrubs, since their surface is usually quite violent.

5. Plastic bottles. They can be replaced with glass and other reusable ones. Even disposable ones can be used several times to avoid buying them and increasing the amount of plastic thrown away each day.

6. Today, recycling of a large number of disposable masks and gloves acquires urgency. During a pandemic, a lot is thrown out of both. Undoubtedly, for physicians such recommendations will not be suitable. And for ordinary people there are reusable masks that are perfectly washed and ironed. And gloves can be worn several times.

7. Disposable razor machines. Such things are replaced by reusable machines, electric razors, trimmers, which can be used long enough.

8. Disposable utensils. It is fashionable to replace it with reusable: containers, heat mugs, reusable straws for drinks and other options will suit. So, some coffee shops even make discounts if you come with your mug. And on a picnic you can take sets of reusable plastic utensils, which then just can be washed and used for a long time.

There are a

lot of such replacement options. It’s worth looking around and understanding how many disposable things we use. So, using reusable things, we create resource savings, produce less waste, including non-recyclable, and, accordingly, switch to informed consumption. And this is a big step towards preserving the environment for the future.

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