Sarah Connor: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Songwriter and vocalist Sarah Liv the sound pseudonym chose by the surname of the heroine “Terminator”. At first performed by a German performer as Sarah Gray.

The road to success

The biography of the future star began in 1980. The child came to the light of Delmenhorst on June 13 in the family of an advertising company owner and a well-known model. The granddaughter’s musical talent was developed by his grandfather, who played the keyboards perfectly. The baby was trained in vocals.


girl decided to pursue a solo career after the seventeenth birthday. She secured a recording studio contract, becoming Connor. The debut CD “Green Eyed Soul” proved to be a success, and the song “From Sarah with Love” turned into a European hit. The soloist’s vocals were praised by critics and listeners.

The new collection “Unbelievable” made the composition of Wicklef Jean’s authorship mega-popular. Platinum album became only a couple of days after its release. In 2002, the performer presented the first DVD recording of her concert in Düsseldorf. As a bonus track, a cover version of “Yesterday” was attached to the compilation.

New tops

The new plate was marked by waiting for the baby to be born. One of the compositions “Key to My Soul” managed to take the top of Germany’s national hit parade. The new disc “Sarah Connor” was slightly different from the vocalist’s usual marina. He was greeted approvingly by listeners and received awards.

The 2005 album “Naughy but nice” became platinum as well. A new collection “Soulicious” in 2007 the performer dedicated to her daughter. There are a little new compositions in it, the rest is reissued and already known tracks. The record went gold.

The singer left the stage for a year, switching completely to parenting. She came back with new ideas. In collaboration with renowned musicians Remi and Thomas Trolsen, the star recorded “Real Love”. In support of the novelty, the show “Sarah and Marc: Still Crazy in Love” was relaunched. Its broadcast began in July 2008. On August 1, 2008 appeared the single “Under My Skin”, then nominated for “ECHO”.

Family and stage

developed and personal life of the artist. In 2002 began an affair with American musician Mark Terenzi, leader of the pop group “Natural”. The wedding took place in the form of a reality show, released then on DVD. Son Tyler grew up in the family.

The tour in support of the new album the singer cancelled due to waiting for the birth of her second child, Summer’s daughter Antonia. Soon the union of toddler parents broke up.

The celebrity’s second choice and husband was producer Florian Fisher. In 2011 they had their first joint baby. In 2017 Sarah Connor became a mum to her fourth child. All the time celebrity dedicates to family. However, she also has no plans to stop stage activities altogether.

The star is on the jury for the “X-Factor” competition. In 2019, she released several new songs and began preparing a full-length compilation album. Its release is scheduled for 2020.

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