Sarah Chok: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Biography and personal life

 Sarah Chock was born on August 27, 1976 in Ottawa. She spent her childhood in Vancouver. The actress’s mother was born in the German city of Rostock. Sarah has 2 sisters — Natasha and Piper. Besides regular school, Chok attended classes at a German educational institution. Sarah was educated at Handsworth High School. She speaks English, German and French. The girl’s full name is Sarah Louise Christina Chock. The actress’s father is a lawyer. He stands at the head of a family agency that helps with the adoption of Chinese children. The actress’s partner is lawyer Jamie Afifi. The couple had two children — son Charlie Rhodes in 2009 and daughter Frankie in 2016. Sarah is actively involved in the charity. She helps cancer patients, stars in social advertising, is an ambassador at the Actress Audrey Hepburn Children’s Foundation.

Beginning her career

Sarah began her career with small roles in TV series. She played Becky in “Roseanne” and Anni in “The Neon Rider”. She could be seen in the TV series “Odyssey”, which ran from 1992 to 1994. Chock received the role of Angelica in the television film “Urban”. It is an adventure drama co-produced by Canada and the UK. Sarah then appeared as Carrie in the movie tape “Thoughts in the Mist”. The director of the crime drama is John Patterson. In 1993, Chock was invited to play the role of Maisie in the film “Ernest at School”. It’s a family comedy about an adult guy who went to school. The picture was shown in the US, Canada and the UK. Sarah then played Laura in the drama thriller “Obsession”. The plot is set around a female musician student and her abnormal mother. After the woman’s death, her daughter comes under suspicion.

In the Canada-US co-production adventure drama “Robin of Loxley”, Chock played the main character. It’s a story about a modern justice fighter. The hacker withdraws money from the accounts of the rich and transfers it to the poor and needy. He engages in archery, which complements the resemblance to the folklore hero. In 1996, Chok could be seen in the television drama “Ahead”. In the adventure thriller, she was given one of the lead roles. The film was screened in the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom and Sweden. In the same year, Sarah was invited to play the role of Krista in the drama “Against Fear”. Chok plays the main character. Her set partners included Shanna Reid, Locklin Munro, and Bridgetta Daw.

A year later, she reincarnated into Melinda for a role in the film “A Child’s Wish”. The drama tells the story of a girl with a deadly disease who has a dream — to meet the president. Chok then played one of the main characters in the thriller “The Price of Life”. At the center of the story is a student community for girls. It is entered by 2 roommates, and soon one of them is killed by falling from the tower. Her friend is investigating a death that only looks like suicide. The film was screened in the United States, Germany, Sweden and Australia.


In 1997, the TV series “Dead Man’s Gun”, featuring Sarah, began. According to the plot of this western, the same gun changes the hosts and each of them brings grief. This same year, Chok gets one of the lead roles in the thriller “Our Mother’s Killer”. According to the story, a well-to-do woman who has 2 daughters marries a guy much younger. Her spouse is getting more aggressive and more dangerous. As a result, tragedy occurs in the family. The drama was popular in the United States, Hungary, Portugal, Germany, Argentina, Italy. The actress’s next role came in the 1998 television film “Cowboys Always Little”. Her heroine is Gloria. This comedy is about the romantic adventures of friends.

In 1998, Chock played the main character Sarah in the painting “I Waited for You”. According to the story, Sarah moves in and becomes an outcast at the new school. Peers bully her, but gradually the offenders die. Legends walk about the house in which the main character lives. It is said that a witch lived in it. The horror film has been screened in Argentina, the UK, Finland and elsewhere. Chok can be seen as Khloe in the fantasy series “First Wave”, which ran from 1998 to 2001. She then got a role in the film “2000: Moment of the Apocalypse”. The thriller tells the story of what might have been had computers strayed from date and time settings in 2000.

In 2001, Chock performed the role of Linda in the crime thriller “Kill Me Later”. At the center of the story is a robber who escapes a chase, and a girl who was about to kill herself. The couple make a deal: she helps him avoid jail, and he later kills her. The actress then went through a casting call for the lead role of Jane in the film “Maximum Extreme”. The thriller is about a reality show whose rating flew dramatically after the death of one of the contestants. The creators are going to make the tragedy a permanent transfer chip.

In 2001, the TV series “The Clinic” began, where Chock played Dr. Elliot. The medical comedy chronicles the work and personal lives of doctors. They are friends, fall in love and marry, and virtually all the action of the series takes place within the walls of the hospital. The series was nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Globe. It went to the United States, Japan and European countries. “Clinic” has a high rating by viewers and critics. After that, the actress was invited for a small role in another medical series, “Anatomy of Passion”. In 2005, Chock played Samantha in “The Alchemy of the Senses”. Sarah’s heroine is an aspiring actress whose heart will win artificial intelligence. Sarah later played Stella in the TV series “How I Met Your Mother”. Popular comedy ran from 2005 to 2014.

The actress also received the role of Jane in the film “The Tidbit”. The comedic melodrama has been shown not only in the United States, but also in many European countries. In 2006, Chock played the lead role in the breast cancer film “With Lipstick on Lips”. In the painting it appeared no accident. Her grandmother and aunt died of this disease, so the role became special for Chok. Sarah later played in the comedy “Mamenkin Son” about growing up an infantile guy. In parallel, the actress received the role of Paula in “Chaos Theory” The comedy tells how a man learns about futility. Turns out his daughter is not native. Not only that, her real father is the main character’s best friend.

In 2009, Chock returned to her role as Elliot in the TV series “Clinic: The Interns”. She was later invited to the TV series “Mad Love”, “Predator Town”, “Fresh Bit”, “Special Agent Oso”, “How to Live With Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life”, “Unfit for Dating”, “Inside Amy Schumer”, and “Cannibal” miniseries. Among the actress’s recent works are the role of Mission Parsons in the TV series “Angie Tribeca”, the role of Gaby in the film “Unreputable Ladies”, the role of Kate in “After the Reality Show”, the role of Melan in “Just No Words”, the role of Marill in “Friends” from college.” Chock stars in the TV series “Street of Fireflies” as Kate. It will be released in 2020.

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