Sarah Barellis: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Sarah Beth Barellis is on the American list of the hundred greatest singers. Her oeuvre is characterized as stunningly lyrical and kind. On the variety self-taught without special education literally flew. She has terrific vocal data and her voice ranges from penetratingly sweet and tender to powerful. The skill helped the singer earn comparisons to Norah Jones and Fiona Apple.

The beginning of the road to success


biography of the future star began in 1979. The child came to light in Eureka on December 7 in the family of a funeral home employee and an insurer appraiser. Sarah has a half-sister and two relatives.

The girl willingly played in school theatre productions, sang in the choir. She graduated in 1998 became a student at the University of California. She studied communication theory. During her studies, the girl sang in the student group “Awaken a Cappella”.

Sarah participated in the annual UCLA Spring Sing competition. The student twice became his winner. On her own, Barellis learned to play the piano. Since 2002, the girl performed in nightclubs and bars in Los Angeles. The concert compilation “The First One” was recorded in 2003. In January 2004, her CD “Careful Confessions” was released. At the same time, Sarah played in the indie short “Girl Play”.



vocalist recorded the first song in 2003. The single interested Epic Records. The material the singer was offered to be included on the debut album “Little Voice”. It came out in 2007. The composition “Love Song” quickly became a hit. Listeners liked both the soulfulness of the performance, and the openness with the vitality of the texts. The album reached the top 10, and the vocalist was nominated for a Grammy and Song of the Year.

Such rapid success, the star admits, slightly discouraged her. After two years of touring and after the release of the live album “Between the Lines: Sara Bareilles Live at the Fillmore”, Sarah in 2010 presented the single “King of Anything”, marked by the nomination for Best female vocals.

Criticism noted the complexity of the arrangements for the voice, the dramativeness of the settings to enhance the tone. In 2011, Barellis was invited to the jury for the third season of the show “Sing-Off”.

New prospects

In the new amplua appeared a star in the spring of 2016. She composed the music and lyrics for the musical “Waitress”. Based on the 2007 film of the same name, the production earned Sarah the Tony Award for Best Original Work.

In 2015, the celebrity presented the companion compilation “What’s Inside: Songs From Waitress”.

As Maria Magdalene, the audience saw the vocalist in the rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert” in 2018.


artist’s personal life is not bad. In 2017, her selection was actor Joe Tippet. Young people met while working on the Broadway musical “Waitress”.

In 2019, the artist took part in the Jay Abrams’ “Voice” named after her first album.

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