Sandra Lauer: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Sandra Ann Lauer in the family was the youngest child. Together with her older brother Gaston as a child, she was fond of Cassidy’s work, collecting posters and idol discs.

The road to fame


biography of the future star began in 1962. The girl was born in Saarbrücken on May 18.

The baby has been fond of dancing and singing since childhood. To develop Sandra’s talent, the parents took their daughter to music school. At 10, the girl knew how to play the guitar. At 13, the future singer performed in her hometown at the festival, conquering the audience and receiving the offer of cooperation from the famous producer. In 1967, listeners were presented with the single “Andy, Mein Freund”.

From 1979 began the work of a girl in the popular trio “Arabesque”. The thought of solo performances came after acquaintance with Michel (Michael) Cretu. An affair began between the young men. In 1984, the girl left the trio to start an independent career.


debuted in new amplua vocalist in 1985 with the single “Maria Magdalena”. It instantly became a hit, occupying the top positions in the world charts. 1986 saw the release of the first album “The long play”, followed by the record “Mirrors”. In early 1988, lovers became husband and wife officially.

In 1989 Sandra made her first film appearance. Sandra took part in the project “Enigma” in 1990. The singer’s task was stuffing the text in French. The stage vocalist left, fully engaged with the family.

In 1999 the double album “My Favourites” was released. 2002 marked the appearance of the record “The Wheel Of Time”.

Family and variety Successfully

folded and the personal life of a celebrity. In July 1995, she had twin sons Sebastiyan and Nikita. Their parents separated in 2005. The collaboration of musicians in all projects was interrupted.


star’s new choice and husband was Olaf Menges in 2010. Their union broke up in 2014.

Sandra is perfectly guided in the modern world of music. She doesn’t star in music videos or give recitals. Fans don’t forget the idol, though. Fans come to all the compilation concerts featuring a celebrity, follow her work.


The new album “Back to Life” came out in 2009. It features dance music. Michel Cretu did not take part in the work on the compilation. However, the singer did not rule out the possibility of a new

The worldwide release of the tenth disc of “Stay In Touch” took place in late October 2012. The compilation is presented in regular version on one and “luxe” on two CDs.

The main place in Sandra’s life is given to children. Both sons are interested in music.

The singer does not advertise her being. Her images appear in the media rarely. It’s not easy to find the singer’s Instagram account.

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