Salvatore Adamo: biography, creativity, career and personal life

The famous Jacques Brel called the Belgian chansonnier a gentle love singer. The artist spent more than half a century on stage. Hundreds of songs have been performed, and records have sold more than 100 million.

The road to triumph


biography of the future star began in 1943. The boy came to light in the Italian town of Comiso. In the miner’s family, he was the eldest of 6 children. Soon a move to Belgium took place, to his father’s new place of work.

It was in the boy’s dreams to learn guitar playing. The first instrument to the grandson was presented by the grandfather. The gift to this day the singer keeps in place of honor.

At school, Adamo studied perfectly. The graduate continued his college education, opting for a teaching career. In doing so, he dreamed of singing on stage.

In 1959, the youth participated in the vocalist competition for the first time. The victory on Radio Luxembourg came as a surprise. Songs performed by Salvatore were heard everywhere. For himself, the vocalist chose a youth style.


Especially vividly lyrical focus of the theme, which created the artist the fame of sensual and exquisite vocalist, manifested itself in the single “Si j’osais”. The place of incendiary dance motifs in the vocalist’s work was firmly taken by brooding and slow melodies.

In 1963 the artist presented the album “63/64″, most of the songs for which he wrote himself. The hits were several songs, including the singer “Tombe la neige” turned into a business card.

The composition “Snow falls” was played in the most prestigious concert halls of Belgium and France. Separately, a Japanese version was released. Triumphantly held a solo concert of chansonnier in “Olympia”. From 1970 the singer acted as arranger of his songs.

In 1967 Adamo played one of the leading roles in the painting “Arnaud Family” and wrote the track “Vivre” for the film. In 1970 the chansonnier managed to realize and as a producer and director in the film “Island of Poppies”. The performer became a star of the world scale in the seventies.

Work and house

Creativity artist does not cease to date. In 2016, his CD “L ‘Amour n ‘a jamais tor” was released. The anniversary in 2018 was celebrated by a number of concerts.


artist’s personal life has been successfully developed. He met his choice Nicole Durand at the age of 14. In 1969, a supportive belief in success girlfriend became the wife of a vocalist. Three children grew up in their family. The musicians were daughter Amelie and son Benjamen. The firstborn, Antoni, chose a career as an airman.

In 1993, the singer became a Goodwill Ambassador. The first of the pop musicians in 2001 he was awarded the title of Knight of the Belgian King. A year later, the singer was awarded the Order of the Legion of Honour.

The entertainer published a biographical book, “Le souvenir du bonheur est encore du bonheur”.

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