Ryan Gosling: biography, career, personal life, interesting facts

November 12, 1980 is the birth date of the popular actor. Ryan Gosling has come to light in London. But this is not about the UK capital, but a small town within Canada. The actor has a sister whose name is Mandy.

Almost immediately after their son’s appearance, the parents made the decision to move to Cornwall. In that town, Ryan began attending school. The parents noticed that the boy was drawing well. Therefore, the future actor also attended the artistic circle. But the list of hobbies doesn’t end there. Ryan appeared regularly in school productions.

With peers, relationships didn’t pan out well. Ryan constantly brawled, because of which he was transferred to homeschooling starting in grade 5. After living for several years in Cornwall, the family moved to Burlington. Ryan began attending Lester Pearson High School.

First Steps to Success

At the age of 13, Ryan went to tryouts in a talent show called “The Mickey Mouse Club.” His vocal data did not go unnoticed. Ryan starred on the TV program for two years. Then there were minor roles in broadcasts that aired on Disney TV.

Ryan Gosling’s debut work in filmography is “The Youth of Heracles”. Then there were filming in the miniseries project “School of Broken Hearts”. Got Ryan a minor role.

Career in cinematography

His first leading role was in the film “Fanatic”. The audience appeared in the image of Danny Balint. The project was praised by critics. And in Russia at one of the festivals celebrated the play of the main actor.


following roles have also been successful. Ryan Gosling’s filmography has been supplemented by projects such as “Murder Countdown,” “The United States of Leland” and “Stay.” But the real success to the talented actor came after the film “Memory Diary” was released on screens. Along with him, actress Rachel McAdams worked on the set.

Popularity increased significantly after the release of the Polu-Nelson film tape. Ryan played a schoolteacher who couldn’t live without drugs. The project has been named one of the very best in the career of an aspiring actor. Ryan was even nominated for an Oscar. But the cherished statuette to get the actor never managed.

In Ryan Gosling’s filmography, it is worth highlighting such projects as “March Ides”, “Valentine”, “This Foolish Love”, “Drive”, “Glorious Guys”, “Song by Song”.

A special place in the filmography of a popular actor takes the film “La La Land”, which was the best at the end of the year. Along with Ryan, the film starred Emma Stone. To get the role, the Canadian actor was learning to play the piano.

“ Blade Runner 2049″ is the first fantasy action film in Ryan Gosling’s filmography. Previously, he starred predominantly in melodramas, playing romantics. But in a fantastic picture, the audience appeared in the image of a replicant. Along with Ryan, the painting starred Ana de Armas and Harrison Ford.

Extreme works in the filmography of a popular actor are “The Promise” and “Man on the Moon”.

Music career

The idea of founding his own band came to Ryan Gosling when he was already a popular actor. The man learned to play guitar on his own, attended piano lessons. But the creative man didn’t have much of that. With support from Zach Shields, Ryan founded a music group that was named Dead Man’s Bones.

Ryan and Zach got so carried away performing songs in the studio that they released about 11 compositions in a few years. They all entered the band’s first music album.

Popularity was growing, so Ryan and Zach took a trip around the United States. A children’s choir acted as backing vocalists. Improvisation was based on all the composition. Ryan and Zach didn’t even rehearse before their performances.

Off the set

In Ryan Gosling’s personal life, everything is well and stable. At the very beginning of his career, he had several novels. He dated Sandra Bullock, Famke Janssen and Rachel McAdams. But the relationship did not become strong and long-lasting.

After breaking up another affair, Ryan met Eva Mendes. They still live in a civil marriage. They don’t think about the wedding because they’re so happy. Children appeared in the relationship. The eldest daughter is called Esmeralda, the youngest is Amada.

After the release of the film “La La Land”, rumors surfaced that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes had broken up. The reason was allegedly an affair with Emma Stone. But the actors denied those rumors. Finally, journalists stopped talking about the break-up after Ryan and Eve appeared together at one of the film festivals.

Interesting Facts

  1. Once Ryan suffered a concussion while preparing to shoot in another motion picture. He did not want to seek help from doctors, but Eva Mendes insisted that the actor visit the hospital. Thanks to this, complications were prevented from developing.
  2. Ryan has no acting education. But that didn’t stop him from succeeding in cinematography. Also, the actor didn’t even finish school, dropping her at 17 and going to travel the world.
  3. In an interview, Ryan said Britney Spears loved playing “bottle” with him.
  4. Knitting is one of Ryan Gosling’s major hobbies.
  5. For the sake of getting a role in the movie “Cute Bones” Ryan ceiling to 95 kg. However, the director, after seeing a transformed man, was unpleasantly smitten. Ryan ended up getting fired. He was replaced by Mark Walberg.
  6. Ryan Gosling is not only an actor but also a director. Under his direction, the film project “How to Catch a Monster” was filmed.

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