Ruby stone: magical and medicinal properties

The ruby stone was first described in the 4th century BC. In Rome it cost more than diamonds. In Egypt, the tomb of the pharaohs adorned the ruby. Highly valued stone in other countries as well. It was worn by mostly rich people. Stones decorated even crowns.

Worshipped mineral in ancient Asia. There were legends that the stone represents drops of dragon blood. The temples decorated with ruby. In Europe, the gems enjoyed frantic popularity. People believed it was possible to cure a person of the plague with it. And alchemists used ruby to create a philosophical stone.

The magical properties of ruby

  1. Thanks to the mineral you can completely change. Self-color is able to enhance both positive and negative character features.
  2. Ruby is a great protection against jinxes and spoilage.
  3. The red mineral symbolizes strength, health, passionate love. With it, you can find a soulmate or strengthen existing relationships.
  4. Thanks to the mineral, you can find a mental balance.
  5. Relieves the crystal of doubt. With the help of the mineral you can become more determined and confident.
  6. Soul and body healing is another wonderful magical property of ruby. Because of this, he is able to prolong life.
  7. The red gemcolor is able to relieve negative thoughts.
  8. In ancient centuries ruby was used to determine whether food was poisoned or not. If there was poison in the food, the stone lost its color.
  9. In the life of its owner, the mineral is able to attract luck. Thanks to the stone, financial problems can be dealt with.
  10. It is believed that the crystal is able to awaken magical abilities.

It is not recommended to wear ruby permanently. Stone has a powerful energy. If it is not removed, it will start harming its owner. It is necessary to understand that only real ruby possesses magical properties. There will be no benefit from artificial stone.

Curative properties of ruby

  1. Mineral is able to heal cuts, stop bleeding.
  2. Thanks to the stone it is possible to strengthen the immune system.
  3. Self-color on the work of the heart is beneficial.
  4. Crystal improves brain functions.
  5. Ruby is able to bring his owner out of depression.
  6. Lithotherapists believe that using the mineral it is possible to treat people for schizophrenia, epilepsy and paralysis.
  7. Helps to cope with joint diseases.
  8. Ruby has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. Lithotherapists believe that with the help of stone, you can get rid of stomach ulcers.

In years ago, it was thought that a sun beam passed through a ruby could heal a person. Lithotherapists do not recommend wearing a stone to people who suffer from hypertension. If a person has low blood clotting, it is better to abandon the mineral.

To whom the ruby fits

according to astrologers, the stone is perfect for the Oven, Lions and Sagittarians. With the help of the mineral, they will become more attractive to the opposite sex. Crystal will bring good fortune into their lives and help to cope with financial difficulties. Lions thanks to the stone will become calmer.

It is possible to wear ruby Capricorns. Thanks to the stone in their lives, change for the better will begin to happen. The mineral will help uncover talent.

It is not recommended to wear gems to Virgo and Taurus. Instead of ruby, representatives of these zodiacal signs are better to purchase grenades.

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