Royston Langdon: biography, creativity, career, personal life


 Royston Langdon was born on the first day of May 1972. It happened in Yorkshire, in the UK.


child’s musical abilities appeared as early as childhood. Royston went to sing in the small parish of his town with his brother Anthony.

Years have passed. Anthony went to New York, where he formed a rock band. This was facilitated by a fateful meeting. One day, a young man walked into a cafe where Johnny Craig was dining at that time. The guys talked up, decided to create a rock band. Anthony invited his brother and another young man named Christian.


Future famous musician Langdon Royston along with brother Anthony and other comrades created the “Spayshog” group. The guys released their first album in 1995. This experience turned out to be very successful. In America this album was awarded the status of gold and platinum. Over half a billion plates were sold out in a short time. The song from this compilation — “At various times”, enjoyed a special success, it quickly became famous, more than once occupied the top lines in various hit parades.

The guys recorded other musical compositions as well, but in 2002 the band broke up.


After the breakup of the group, the Langdon brothers tried to assemble another brigade, but the new group had no success.

After two years of failed attempts, Creek musician, Royston, Anthony Langdon formed a new team, which was named Arckid. The guys performed glam rock, released some highly successful compositions that became hits.

In 2008, it was decided to revive the band “Spayshog”, a legendary reunion took place in Los Angeles. But it took a full five years to release a successful new album. It was dubbed “It’s like on the ground.”

Personal life The

wife of Royston Langdon became famous actress Liv Tyler. Schisonica was born on the first day of July 1977.

This girl’s first (civil) husband was Joaquin Phoenix. At first, the couple’s relationship was perfect, but then Liv became offended that her beloved alone went to see her sisters or her mother for a month or even a half.

When such a forced break-up happened, Tyler met Royston Langdon. This occurred during the Gremmy Awards ceremony. Liv was able to break up with her ex-sweetheart without scandals, they remained friends.

And Royston Langdon and Liv dated for 5 years. Young people decided to marry only in 2003. Soon a toddler was born in the family, who was named Miley William.

But husband and wife decided to divorce when the boy was 4 years old. As with her previous partner, with this official husband Liv also remained on friendly terms.

Later in 2013, Liv and Royston met at a benefit concert. He accompanied his ex-wife, she sang. As critics wrote, the pair looked very harmonious and beautiful.

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