Roman Kulikov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Roman Vladimirovich Kulikov is a young writer who creates works in the genre of combat and science fiction.


of Rodin Roman Vladimirovich Kulikov — Penza. It was in this city that the future fashion writer came to light in May 1976.

Roman Vladimirovich loves his small homeland. He still works and lives in Penza.

His parents — Kulikova’s husband and wife — Galina Mikhailovna and Vladimir Nikolaevich, worked in the factories of this city. Romana’s mother walked the way from laborer to foreman, and the writer’s father was first an engineer, but due to his work and knowledge over time became the chief mechanic of the plant.

The youngster tried to keep up with his parents. After graduation, he decided to pursue higher education and went to enroll at the State University in his native Penza. From here the young man came out as a chartered engineer. But then the young man became increasingly fascinated with jurisprudence. Therefore, he decided to continue his studies already in this specialty. Roman Vladimirovich received his second higher education at the same university.

In these walls already native Alma mater Roman Kulikov passes military training, after the end of which he was awarded the rank of lieutenant.

Now Roman Vladimirovich is not only engaged in creativity, but also works as a system administrator.

Theboy liked to read creativity

since childhood. He loved to sit through the book, familiarize himself with the exciting plot. When the first computers with wide monitors appeared in the last century, the young boy quickly mastered this technique and became involved with computer games.

He particularly enjoyed the game Stalker. She became fateful for a future science fiction writer. One of the commercials for this game had a site address. The young man decided to come in here. There he learned of an upcoming international literary competition.


youngster was embraced by inspiration, and he wrote not one but two short stories. Amazingly, both of these works made the top ten.

One story – “Partner” – was very liked by the readers of the Internet, who widely discussed this contest and the works of the authors. And the second story “Two Smiles for the Controller” was then included in the book “Shadows of Chernobyl”.

Having received such high jury ratings, flattering reviews from readers, Roman Vladimirovich decided to continue his literary studies.

As a result of many years of labor, his work “Walk” came out in winter 2006. This book proved very popular, which inspired the writer to create other works.

Now there are several dozen books on his account, but the author does not stop there.

He continues to write about the adventures of the hero of some of his works – about Captain Kamenev, while at the same time working on a new novel, which will call “Debt”.

About himself

Kulikov, answering questions from journalists, says that he has many favorite books. The writer also talks about listening to music when he creates his works. It includes exactly such tunes that are suitable for writing a particular scene of a book. It helps not only his mood, but also his creativity.

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