Robert Irwin: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Many watched Crocodile Hunters program hosted by Stephen Irwin with tension and admiration. Filming another plot, he tragically died. Now his son Robert Irwin continues his father’s case.

The tragedy of the family

Robert Irwin is the heir to the world-famous Stephen Irwin. The boy appeared in the family of a fearless TV presenter who in front of the amazed public could easily communicate with crocodiles, hang poisonous snakes on his neck. But a dangerous profession in 2006 led to tragedy.

When Stephen Irwin was doing underwater video footage, one of the stingrays attacked him. Stephen swam over this animal and suddenly the stingray lifted the tail on which he has a poisonous sting, and hit them the TV presenter in the heart area, injecting the spike.

Usually these aquatic animals are peace-loving. Only two similar cases have been recorded on the Australian coast.


Robert Stephen was born in 2003. When the father died, the child was only 3 years old. But also during this short period the father accustomed the baby to animals.

When Robert was only a month old, Dad held the baby in one hand, and fed the other meat of a crocodile jumping out of the water.

The family has a lot of photos where Robert with his father or one is captured with animals. A similar photo where a huge snake blamed the boy’s body is mesmerizing and frightening at the same time.


Now a youngster is 16 years old, he has a sister, Bindi, with whom he often appears in public. Stephen’s children periodically display shows with crocodiles at their family zoo in Australia.

Personal life so far has developed only for Robert’s older sister. She is engaged to her boyfriend, and the younger brother said he would lead his sister down the aisle.

Robert Irwin organizes and participates in family shows and other projects, continues his father’s case. Stephen’s heir has $3 million in net income a year.

Along with his mother, Bindi’s sister, he continues the mission of bringing humans closer to animals.

Irvina’s husband and wife managed to instill children love for animals, including dangerous ones. When this couple’s wedding took place, in the photo they are brought together not only by a kiss, but also sitting on the head of both iguanas.

Words not a boy, but husband

Fast grown up Robert Irwin, who at 3 years old became the oldest man in the family, says he considers himself the happiest child since he grew up in the zoo Australia, and all the animals around him are very close to him.

The young man does not part with the camera, now he is not only a wildlife photographer, but also a zoologist.

Robert has already managed to receive a large number of prizes for his photographs, which he was presented at prestigious competitions. And recently Robert Irwin became a participant in another similar competition, for the winner of which he was presented with an award in Washington at the Smithsonian University. Robert has 627000 followers on social media, where he shares photos with animals all the time.

Together with his family, the young man owns a zoo. They also often travel around the planet, shoot talented videos for television shows, social networks. Robert urges people to care to ensure that the diversity of all kinds of animals remains on earth.

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