Robert de Niro: a brief biography

Childhood years

 Attractiveness and natural charm, manly character and perseverance allowed young man to easily make acquaintances with people of different professions and temperaments.$ The future actor and director came to light on August 17, 1943 in a creative family. The parents at that time lived in the famous Manhattan neighborhood of New York City. His father was a noted abstractionist painter and engaged in sculpting for parks and galleries. Her mother also painted and wrote poetry. The boy was barely three years old when his parents, without noise or scandal, were civilized.

Robert stayed with his mother, who gave most of the time to his projects. At the same time she did not forget about the material provision of her son. The child grew up and formed as a person on the street. Peers called it Bobby-Milk. This nickname came to the boy for the pallor of the skin on his face. Robert did not take offense to this, as by street tradition, every teenager had his own nickname. During his school years, he stood out from the milieu of his friends with a craving for As other boys beamed from idleness, he attended classes in a drama studio that operated at the school.

Creative Way

After graduating, Robert enrolled in the College of Music, Arts and Performing Excellence . As a student he began participating in performances on Broadway and starring in mass films. De Niro performed his first notable role in the youth comedy “The Wedding Party”. Audiences began recognising the actor in the street after the film “Bey to the Drum Slowly” was released on screens Robert was presented with the New York Film Critics Union Award for Best Performance by a Supporting Role. After this event, the cast began to be looked after by leading Hollywood directors.

International fame to Robert de Niro brought a role in the cult trilogy “The Godfather”. He was given the most prestigious award in cinema, the Oscar statuette. It’s interesting to note that on screen the character only speaks Italian. A similar situation in the history of this prize is not observed yet. In a succession of subsequent projects, the painting “Rabid Bull” and “Cape of Fear” can be noted. For the first film, de Niro received his second Oscar, and the Golden Globe Award for the second.

Confession and personal life

After the gangster saga “Once Upon a Time in America,” the actor unwittingly falls into a rut of monotonous plots. The directors see in him a type of bandit, a robber, a murderer. Robert struggles to reverse this trend after the films “Lovers,” “Casino,” “Love: Instructions for Use.”


actor’s personal life didn’t pan out very smoothly. He made attempts several times to create a full-fledged cell of society. In their third marriage, the couple had a daughter. Currently, Robert de Niro is filmed rarely. The actor gives a lot of strength to his restaurant “Rubicon”, which is located in San Francisco.

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