Richard Tyson: biography, creativity, career, personal life


 Richard Tyson was born on February 13, 1961. His hometown is Mobile in the U.S. state of Alabama. The actor is part of the Paramasonic Shriners Society. After high school, from which Richard graduated in 1974, he was educated in law. While still a law student, Tyson realized he wanted to play in movies and star in television, and went to Hollywood. Early in his career, Richard starred in episodes and appeared in advertisements. He also hosted the radio show “Outlaw Radio” in Los Angeles.

Personal life

Tyson’s father was involved in political activities. He served as Senator. The actor has a brother, John, who was a district attorney. He claimed the position of State Attorney General. John ran for the Democratic Party.

Richard’s wife is Tracey Kristofferson, a producer and actress. She starred in 1985’s “Sumyatitsa in Thought”, 1991’s “Night Cyclone”, 1991’s “A Couple of Aces in Stock: The Poker Three”. A daughter, Maggie Elizabeth, was born into their family. Unfortunately, Tyson and Kristofferson’s marriage broke down in 2017.

Main roles

On the account of the actor more than 100 films and TV series. There are quite a few major roles among them. In 1987, he played Buddy Revell in the painting “Exactly at 3 o’clock”. The following year, he could be seen as Perry Tyson in “The Fusion of Two Moons”. He then got the lead role in the TV series “Hardball”. In 1992, Richard was given the role of Smoke in the television picture “Tomahawk”. The following year, he reincarnated as Duck in the drama “Deadly Tide”. The actor received his next starring role in the 1997 action film “Time Under Fire”. His character is Koda.

In 1998, Tyson was invited to play the role of William in “The Pandora Project”. The following year, he played Gaspar Diaz and Kenneth Blake in the melodrama “Monsoon” and Jack in “Liars Poker”. In 2001, Richard was given the lead role of Paul Brody in the film “Fire Trap”. In 2004, he could be seen as Nikolai Klimov in the Russian militant” Moscow Heat”. He then played Dan in the adventure drama “The Last Flight”. In 2005, he could be seen starring in the thriller “Crusader”. He later played in the comedy horror film “Wolf Werewolf”. In 2007, the actor was invited for one of the lead roles in the comedy “Stripse Academy”.

Tyson then appeared in the 2008 adventure action film “The Lost Treasure of Maya” as Robert. That same year, he played Johnny in the family drama “Jake’s Corner”. The following year, he was invited for the lead role in the horror film “The Carrier”. He then played David in the adventurous family picture “Bigfoot”. In 2011, he could be seen in one of the vowel roles in the crime action film “Double Signal”. He then played Morgan in the horror film “Ride the Woza”. In 2014, he was invited for the role of sheriff in the action film “Dead, Damned and Darkness”. After he appeared in the thriller “Bound by Vengeance” as Phil. 2015 brought the actor the lead role in the film “Playing Dolls”. After it could be seen in the sequels projects “Ride Vosu 2″ and “Playing Dolls: Craving Blood”. In 2016, Tyson played one of the main characters in the fantasy picture “Sector”. The following central roles awaited Richard in the films “Perfect Weapon”, “Kiss of Death”, “Night Carry” and “Eternal Code”.

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