Richard Clyderman: biography, creativity, career and personal life

His business Philippe Paget doesn’t just love much, he adores it. This position is fully supported by the public, which is impossible to deceive. It is probably in this regard that the mystery of success is hidden.

The path to calling


biography of a future celebrity began in 1953. The boy came to light in Paris on December 28 in the family of a carpenter. Because of his illness, his father, who had a good command of accordion, left, starting a career as a teacher of piano playing. The baby was immediately interested in a new tool. At 12, the boy entered the conservatory, and at 16 won the first contest.

The student spent the career of an outstanding classical pianist, but chose Paget modern directions.

With friends, the musician founded a band, worked as an accompanist. Attention to the promising newcomer was paid by the maître, who offered cooperation with legends of the French pop.


Changed the situation in 1976. Composer Paul de Senneville began a search for a performer to record “Ballade pour Adeline”. The choice fell on Pazha. On the advice of the producer, the young man took a pseudonym, becoming Richard (Rishar) Clyderman.

The musician gave concerts in many countries, with giant editions diverged his albums. Many went platinum and gold. After performing in front of Nancy Reagan, the pianist earned the nickname Prince of Romance firmly entrenched behind him.

In his work, Clyderman harmoniously connects modern directions with classics. For him, the source of joy was music. With her help, the musician introduces listeners to the world masterpieces of different eras and countries. The pianist also performs cover versions of hits. Among the collections there are also dedicated to the work of famous authors and legendary collectives. The maestro in East Asia is particularly successful.

Family and music

First made an attempt to establish a personal life Clyderman as an 18-year-old. In his with Rosalyn family in 1971 there was a child, daughter Maud. However, a couple of years after her birth, her parents separated.


new choice of performer in 1980 was hairdresser Christine. At the end of December 1984, the couple had a son, Peter Philip Joel. Numerous tours and rare home appearances did not go to the benefit of family life.

A new attempt to find a family is made by the musician in 2010 with violinist Tiffany working with him. In the house lives a common pet, the dog Cookie.

Clyderman continues to delight fans with his creativity. Close people understand that meetings with him are waiting for listeners, so they are sympathetic to rare minutes of communication. The artist, who has recorded 90 albums, likes to travel, so constant flights don’t bore him.

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