Rashid Beibutov: a brief biography

Starting conditions


future People’s Artist of the Soviet Union came to light on December 14, 1915 in the famous Tiflis. Today, this city is called Tbilisi and is the capital of Georgia. The boy’s father, of nationality Kurd, was a well-known Azerbaijani chanende singer. He became famous for performing folk songs and ballads in the mugham genre. The mother, originally from a noble estate, taught Russian at the local gymnasium, and ran a theater studio in one of the city’s clubs. Rashid grew up a cheerful and communicable child, showing off his musical abilities from his early years.

In school Beibutov studied easily. All items to him were given effortlessly. Thus, Rashid gave most of his time to classes of artistic self-activity. The parents didn’t really want their son to become an entertainer. A man must have a reliable specialty in his hands. Dare not to object to the elders, Rashid entered the railway technical school after graduation. However, the temperament and creative charge of the talented youngster did their thing. Beybutov already in his first year organized an amateur student ensemble.

Professional activity

Rashid did not manage to obtain a diploma of railway transport specialist. He was drafted into the armed forces. In the army, Beybutov was immediately identified in the army ensemble. The time spent in this team did not pass for nothing. The young performer sang popular songs of Soviet composers and folk songs of the Transcaucasian republics — Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia. After returning to the citizen, Rashid passed a creative competition and became a soloist of the State Jazorkestra of Armenia. During the war years, Beibutov gave concerts in front of fighters on the Crimean front.

Despite military fevering, the film “Arshin Mal-Alan” was decided to shoot at the Baku Film Studio. Beybutov was approved for the main role. This hilarious and upbeat picture was a resounding success. The tape was duplicated in eighty-six languages. In the post-war years, Rashid serves at the Baku Philharmonic and later at the Azerbaijan Opera and Ballet Theatre. Having a unique voice of tenor altino, the singer gained love and recognition among the audience of different countries. Baybutov didn’t sit at home. He regularly toured various cities in the Soviet Union and foreign countries.


recognition and personal life

Motherland appreciated the talent of the singer and actor. Rashid Beybutov was awarded the honorary title of Hero of Socialist Labor and People’s Artist of the USSR. He has been awarded many orders and medals.


actor’s personal life developed happily. He lived the whole conscious life in his marriage to Jeyran Khanum. Husband and wife raised and raised a daughter. Rashid Beybutov died in June 1989.

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