Raisa Akhmatov: biography, creativity, career, personal life


 Years of life of a Chechen poet and public figure — 1928-1992. She grew up an ordinary girl, went to high school. After graduating, Raisa Akhmatova enrolled in Grozno Pedagogical School. After receiving the profile education, the girl was distributed to work in Kazakhstan. From her small years Raisa was very fond of reading. Literature took up all her spare time. In 1956, she tries herself out as a journalist, her essays receiving approving evaluations from colleagues. Since 1958 Raisa Akhmatova starts working on literary courses. During these years, the girl took place as an interesting poet, proficient in a literary figurative language. Reading her poems gives true pleasure to poetry lovers. The main themes of Raisa Akhmatova’s work are love for the Chechen people, whose difficult destiny leaves no one indifferent, and feelings, experiences of the woman of the hoary.

Poetic work

Her first book, which was published in the Chechen Autonomous Republic, had the title “Dear Republic” and was written in her native Chechen language. In the aftermath, the book has been repeatedly reprinted and in Russian.

The literary works of Raisa Akhmatova were distinguished by a bright figurative language, which simply and naturally conveyed to the reader the thoughts of the author. The poet sang the main principles of life — the necessity of friendship, loyalty and beauty.

Although her poems were written in the mid-20th century, in the modern world they sound also relevant. It was real heartwarming poetry.

With growing up, the style and heroes of Raisa Akhmatova’s poems changed. She became more attracted to the deep female essence. She describes the character and experiences of a proud and strong woman, revealing the inner world of the restrained beauties of the Caucasus. One of the most significant works dealing with an uneasy life path is the famous poem “Destiny”.”

It sounds like the confession of a person who has survived a lot of adversity. Raisa Akhmatova’s poems make such a strong impression that when reading you immerse yourself in a source of wisdom, which is stronger than the verbosity of other books. The poem “Talisman” has the same in force of impact.

Contributions to politics


poet’s literary work years combined with work as a political figure. She was completely given to the service of the interests of the Chechen people, was a respected and honorable citizen of the republic. Her place of work was the community of writers, where Raisa Soltamuradovna was chairman. She was elected deputy of the Supreme Soviet. She served as the head of the Supreme Council of the Checheno-Ingush ASSR. For her active work and great contribution to the development of culture Raisa Akhmatova participated in the work of the 22nd Party Congress.

She had to take a large part in the Soviet committee, which dealt with the protection of peace. Raisa Soltamuradovna Akhmatova has many awards for her contribution to the development of social life of the country.

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