Radu Albot: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Radu Vladimirovich’s father brought to tennis. He was the first to notice talent in his son. It is not uncommon for a titled tennis player to still seek advice from a parent, although he trains with a professional mentor.

The road to success

The biography of the future tennis player began in 1989. It appeared in Chisinau on 11 November. Coming to tennis, the rookie almost immediately showed good results. The junior ranked number 11.


professional competition to attend Albot started from 2006, however until the next season was not included in the rankings. In 2007 the athlete took part in Davis Cup for the first time as part of the Moldovan national team

For three years, the tennis player was climbing up. He was included in the list of the world’s top 500 players. The 503rd Radu completed 2010. At the ATP level he played, but did not qualify to the main grid. The rating grew constantly.

Albot’s entire 2011 season was in the Challengers. Often the athlete passed on one or two laps. The result was a place in the third hundred. In 2012 the Moldovan took part in three ITF tournaments in Antalya. Two of them Albot won. Another couple of competitions tennis player won in Turkey.

Failures and accomplishment

The rest of the season went through attempts to win the Challengers to hit the main ITF grid. Despite achievements, above the third hundred ranked tennis player failed to climb.

Luck smiled at him after the conclusion of the third season. However, little forward Radu moved constantly. Entering the second hundred, he qualified for the Challenger Final for the first time in May. The first win was held in Fergana in September 2015.

By the end of the year, Albot took part in the ATP Tournament in Chennai after qualifying. However, I left the first circle. The athlete left futures confined to larger competitions. Successfully qualified for the games in the APR competitions Moldovanin was able to pass in Estorville.

However, it was necessary to Rad to get out of wrestling in the first lap. Success came in Bastad. The first lap was passed. His second Challenger Albot won in February 2015 in Kolkata.

Three times during the season he reached the final, but it was never possible to win. The result was the 121st ranking place.

Career and family

In the top hundred players in the world Radu got in 2016. He became the first of the Moldovan tennis players to finish the season in the top 100. More this place Albot did not leave. The athlete’s game was held to a higher level.

Although the exit further than the second lap remained a difficult task, increasingly Radu qualified APR. In the Challengers he often played in the semi-finals. In June, competitions in Ferghan and Fürst ended successfully.

In mid-summer Radu received his third trophy in Poznań. Successful was qualification for the Grand Slam, Roland Garros, Wimbledon. The first round was held by a tennis player on the Grand Slam grass covering.

In 2017, to maintain the ranking, Albot actively took part in the Challengers. In the third round of the tournament he managed to pass in Antalya. After good luck at the US Open and winning in Shenzhen, Radu was given a new trophy at the end of the season.

In 2018 he reached the third round at Wimbledon, in New York, qualified for the semifinals in Metz. The Chinese Challenger was won at the end of the year. Albot prevailed in the ATP tournament for the first time in his career in February over Daniel Evans. After the semifinals won in Geneva and Los Cabos, the athlete took a place in the top 50, becoming 46 racket of the world.

The famous tennis player is in no hurry to get a family. However, in his personal life changes occurred in 2013. With his choice Doina Cărescu, the young man does not break up.

Although the lovers do not plan to officially become husband and wife, in early 2020 the couple announced a wait for the baby to be born. The images appeared on a Facebook page.

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