Quattrochocke Michela: biography, career, personal life


biggest fame Michela Quattrococcke received after roles in two comedy melodramas directed by Federico Moccia. The first is titled “Forgive for Love” (2008) and the second is “Sorry, I Want to Marry You” (2010).


Born future actress in 1988 in Rome. Her family welcomed all her pursuits and aspirations, and when Michela declared she wanted to be a model, no one objected. The girl wanted to prepare for this profession as best as possible and used every opportunity to do so. She did gymnastics, took acting courses, even attended diction classes.

And once she turned twelve, she went to primary classes for aspiring models. Just a couple of years later, her pictures started flashing in glossy magazines, then she appeared on the covers of several fashion publications.

However, in some large-scale screenings it didn’t appear because it didn’t fit for growth under the requirements for the model.


career of actress

But fate was favorable to the girl, and she was invited to the melodrama “Sorry for Love” (2008), and immediately for the lead role. She played practically her own peer – girlfriend Nicky Cavalli, who had recently graduated. She leads a fun lifestyle, meeting girlfriends and spending all the time with them. However, in her way a serious, life-long man meets, and everything in her life turns upside down. Their meeting doesn’t happen under too favorable circumstances, otherwise they simply wouldn’t pay each other any attention.

The film turned out romantic, beautiful, with great soundtracks. There are almost a dozen and a half different musical compositions performed by the Italian pop duo “Absolute Zero”.

This film made Michela a true celebrity, and she began to be invited into her projects by other directors. In 2009, she starred in the picture “Christmas in Beverly Hills” (2009), and then Federico Moccia again invited her to his project — he was filming a sequel to the film about Nicky Cavalli and her boyfriend Alex Belli under titled “Sorry, I Want to Marry You” (2010). Naturally, the main characters were again played by the same actors: Michela Kvattrocke and Raúl Bova. They again pleased the audience with their works and even made them worry.

There are

only six films in the portfolio of actress Kvattrochocke, all because she quit acting in movies, having met a real love.

Personal life

It happened in 2010 – Michela met footballer Alberto Aquilani, a year later gave him a daughter. And a year later, they became husband and wife. Now they already have two children. And once they had grown up a bit, Quattrochocke returned to cinematography after a big break.

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