Pro Victoria Isakov: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

Famous actress Isakova Victoria Evgenyevna became far from immediately. At first, she tried to build a career in theatre. But after the supervisor died, she was simply fired for no reason or explanation. The star became when filmography already numbered 40 projects.

The short biography

Actress Victoria Isakova was published on October 12, 1976. There was this event in a town called Khasavyurt. Vicky’s family had nothing to do with cinema. His father worked as an administrator for a football club. In his spare time he was engaged in writing poetry. Mum was a housewife. Victoria has a brother and sister.

The parents made the decision to move to the Russian capital when Vika Isakova turned 12. The brother of the future actress managed to enter the school of Olympic reserve, so the family moved to Moscow in full.

This event seriously influenced the biography of Victoria Isakova. In her interviews, the popular girl admitted that if it weren’t for the move, she wouldn’t be an actress.

Vick received her education at a specialized school with advanced study of foreign languages. During her training, she finally realized that she wanted to perform on stage. But the parents were opposed. They wanted the girl to study at a prestigious university and get a more serious profession.

Actress Vika Isakova listened to them and did her own way. First she went to GITIS. But I couldn’t finish theater school. A few months later, Vika transferred to MHAT. Her mentor was Oleg Efremov.

The first steps in creative biography

Actress Viktoriya Isakova after receiving a diploma got a job in the theater named after A. Chekhov. She performed regularly on stage for 2 years.

Then there was work in the theater. Pushkin. She played many memorable roles and won several prestigious awards.

On the set, Vika Isakova made her debut in 1998. It happened while studying in theater school. Got the aspiring actress a minor role in the film “Chekhov and Co”.

Successful career

Viktoria Yevgenyevna Isakova played her first serious role in the film “Empire of Strike”. She appeared in the image of Mary’s maid. But fame for the girl brought a role in the film “Piranha Hunt”. The audience remembered the villainess Sinilga played by her. Together with Victoria, Vladimir Mashkov and Yevgeny Mironov worked on the set.

“ Needs a Nanny” is another successful motion picture in the filmography of actress Viktoria Isakova. She appeared before the audience in the image of the leading heroine. Thanks to this project, the actress began to receive invitations to shoot from eminent directors.

Viktoriya Isakova’s filmography has about 80 projects. Successful were paintings such as “Point”, “Brothers Karamazov”, “Thaw”, “Inquisitor”, “Doctor Zhivago”, “Mirrors”, “Kill Twice”, “You All Beat Me”, “Anna Karenina”, “Myths”, “Epidemic”, “Homeland”.

The extreme work in Viktoriya Isakova’s filmography is “One Breath”. The audience was presented in the image of the sportswoman Marina Gordeeva. Together with her on set Vladimir Yaglych and Artem Tkachenko worked.

Vika Isakova managed to prove herself on television. She hosted the program “Real” on TV’s “Friday”.

Outside the set

How are things in the personal life of actress Viktoriya Isakova? While studying at the theater school, the girl met Alexander Chizhevsky. They were in the same course. Feelings flared instantly. However, the novel did not last long. A few weeks before graduation, the guy got hit by a car. Alexander could not be saved.

Victoria Isakova’s husband is Yuri Moroz. With the director, our heroine met several years after the tragic event. The daughter Yuri introduced them — actress Daria Moroz. The significant age difference did not stop them from building strong and stable relationships. Yuri is 20 years older than Victoria. Daria did not immediately, but accepted her father’s relationship with her friend.

The marriage could have fallen apart. Victoria gave birth to a daughter, Masha, who died due to a congenital disease a few months later. But the couple were able to maintain the relationship. They endured grief hard. However, the idea of having a child was not abandoned.

In 2016, Victoria gave birth to a baby girl. She was named Barbara. The actress did not admit this to fans or journalists for a long time. It wasn’t until 2 years later in an interview that she reported the replenishment in the family.

Interesting facts

  1. Actress Victoria Isakova is not involved in sports. Keeping the figure in shape helps her frantic rhythm. She is at the same time in films and acts on the theatre stage.
  2. Victoria Isakova has Instagram. She often puts out a wide variety of photos, pleasing fans.
  3. Due to her role in a motion picture, “The Point” became “Best Actress of the Year”. The Vicke Award was presented in 2006 in Chicago.
  4. Victoria believes she is illegible in the roles. Can work on creating 4 projects simultaneously. But in films in which it is necessary to undress, she refuses to star.
  5. Victoria loves reading. She’s willing to spend all her spare time behind the book.

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