Popular Swedish signs and superstitions

In the past in Sweden sincerely believed that the entire territory of the country is inhabited not only by people, but also by various magical creatures, for example, insidious and often evil trolls. There was a belief: if the troll did not manage to hide in the dark before sunrise and the first scream of the rooster, he would turn to stone. At the same time, a superstition was born in Sweden: lonely boulders and cobblestones caught in the way bring misfortune and grief. Swedes continue to believe in this sign. That’s why they try to go around big stones and avoid situations where it would be necessary to touch a lonely boulder.

In Sweden it is not customary to cross your fingers for luck or close your eyes to defend yourself against some evil. However, Swedes, to take away the trouble, knock on wood, spit over their left shoulder and slam each other on the back three times.

As in Russia, in Sweden, black cats running over the road are very wary. Swedes believe the black cat brings misfortune. To defend themselves against problems, they bypass the place where the black cat was, side. And if there’s no way to make a hook, superstitious Swedes squeeze in their fingers a button from their clothes and diligently spit over their left shoulder.

Popular in the Scandinavian country are signs associated with sewage hatches. On hatch covers in Swedish cities, either the letter “K,” or the letter “A.” Superstitious people believe that stepping on the manhole cover, where the letter “A” is located, cannot in any way. Otherwise in life will start “black stripe”, at least 3 days there will be minor trouble.

The second interpretation of the sign with hatch covers is connected with love and happiness in personal life. In Swedish, the word “love” begins with the letter “K”. Therefore superstitious Swedes believe that stumbling in the street on the hatch with this letter is a huge luck. The more in the way such hatches meet, the better the relationship with passion will develop. But if the Swede is not lucky, if he constantly stumbles on hatches with the letter “A”, then according to the popular Swedish signs it bodes for the person problems with his beloved (beloved), quarrels in the family, treason and betrayal.

In Sweden it is customary to have at home an unusual amulet in the form of a metal ring or a metal mug with a hole. This product is hung on a thread above the entrance to the house, over the windows or over the bed. The amulet is called the “troll cross”. His action is something similar to the magical powers of an ordinary horseshoe. Swedes believe that the “cross of trolls” protects the whole family from evil, creates an invisible barrier to uncleanliness so that she could not sneak into the house. This amulet attracts good fortune and prosperity in life, protects against accidents and diseases.

Relying on vintage superstitions, Swedes try never to put keys on the table. Swedish signs claim: if you leave a key ring or even one key on the table, it will cause trouble and trouble to the owner of the key (s).

In the Scandinavian country, water is considered popular. Unmarried girls, women need to be very neat. If they often shed water or other liquid, it bodes for them in the future of the walking and drinking husband.

Another female superstition involves pies and cakes. If a girl (woman), taking a piece of cake or cake from a plate, throws a treat, it is regarded as a very bad sign. Swedes believe that such a girl (a woman) will never marry, and all her love relationships will end in major scandals, treason and betrayal by a man.

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