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Polly Walker’s


came to light on 19 May 1966 in Warrington in the county of Cheshire. Her parents’ family — Arthur and Georgiana — had four children. She was educated at Padgate Church of England School in Warrington. The actress was engaged at the Bush Davis School of Ballet and Performing Arts in East Grinstead. She then became a student at the Rambert School of Ballet. Unfortunately, she was unable to continue dancing due to a leg injury that Polly suffered in her youth.

Walker began studying acting at the London Drama Centre. The actress has two children. Giorgio was born in 1993 and Dilaila came to light in 2000. In 2008, Walker married fellow shopkeeper Lawrence Penry-Jones. The actress’s husband is brother to the famous Rupert Penry-Jones.


began filming in the late 1980s. She got the role of Nadia in the TV series “Second Screen”, which ran from 1985 to 2002. The actress then went through a casting call for a small role in the “Poirot” detective. Walker later played Lona in the television movie “Lorna Doon”. The plot is taken from R. D. Blackmore. The action takes place in the 17th century. The guy falls in love with the daughter of his enemies family. The actress could later be seen as Cecilia in the adventure action film “Segun Maeda” co-produced by the UK, Japan and the US. The action of the film is set in the early 17th century. The painting has been shown in Japan, the United States, Czechoslovakia, Portugal and Spain.

In 1991, Polly starred as Carolyn in the film tape “Witchcraft April”. The British drama was nominated for an Oscar and won the Golden Globes. The film was presented at the London International Film Festival, the USA Film Festival and the Sudbury Cinefest International Film Festival. In the same year, the actress played in the drama “The End of the Night”. The director of this picture co-produced by Portugal, France and Germany is Joaquim Leitão.

In 1992, Polly could be seen as Helen in the film “The Equilibrists”. The melodrama was presented at the Tessaloniki International Film Festival. Walker’s next job is a role in the television drama “Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia”. A British adventure war film tape has been shown in the United States and Finland. That same year, Polly was invited to play the role of Annette in the painting “Patriots Games”. The story tells how a CIA agent prevented a terrorist attack. He is now being hunted by international criminals to get him off his road. The actress was then invited to play the role of Leni in the film “Process”. The thriller tells the story of the arrest of a bank employee who doesn’t understand what his fault is. Those around us confirm his participation in illegal actions.


In 1993, the actress was cast for the role of Vida in the painting “Sliver”. The thriller is about a woman for whom two men are fighting. After 2 years, Polly played Celia in the film “Royal Grace”. Historical melodrama tells of palace intrigues. The following year, the actress could be seen as Jane in the drama “Emma”. Walker later played Cecilia in “A Place in the Cemetery”. The comedic melodrama is about a married couple. The actress’s next job is the role of Mary in “Robinson Crusoe”.

Polly was then given the role of Pauline in the painting “The Adventurer”. It’s a melodrama about Fedor Dostoevsky. That same year, she starred as Mara in the film “Bandit”. Polly was then given a role in the painting “At the Edge of the Forests”. The melodrama was presented at European Film Week and Shanghai International Film Festival. Walker’s next role is Julia in “New Year’s Story”. In 1998, Polly received the role of Mary in the film “The Talk of Angels”. Her heroine is a governess who falls in love with her employer’s married son.

That same year, she played Alexis in the drama “Dark Harbor”. The following year, she was invited to play the role of Palmyra in “8 1/2 Women”. The comedy was nominated for “The Golden Palm Branch.” 2000 brought Polly the role of Dr. Vera Swann in the thriller “Killer’s Eye”. A criminal detective talks about the investigation into a series of murders. She later got the role of Katrin in the TV series “Raising the Dead”, which ran from 2000 to 2011. In 2001, she played Jenny in the film “Detoxification”.

Polly could then be seen as Paula Jackson in the painting “The Wild Messiah”. The director of the thriller is Mario Azzopardi. The actress was later invited to play the role of Ann in the miniseries “The Big Game”. Polly’s next work came in the television film “The Mayor of Casterbridge” .2004 brought the actress the role of Barbara in “Control”. It is a co-produced crime thriller by the United States, Germany and Aruba. She then played Bess in the TV series “Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple”, which ran between 2004 and 2013.

Polly later played in another TV series, “4isla”. Her heroine is Lorna. In 2005, a screening of the TV series “Rome”, featuring Walker, began. A historical war melodrama chronicles the times of Gaius Julius Caesar. The actress was then employed on the TV series “The Clairvoyant”, which ran from 2006 to 2014. In 2006, Polly played in the film “Scenes of a Sexual Character”. Her heroine is Esther. In 2007, the TV series “Plantation” began, where the actress received the role of Ellis. In the acclaimed TV series “The Mentalist”, Polly played Alexa. She could later be seen in the TV series “Asylum”, “Caprica”, “Warehouse 13″, “Prisoner Wives”, “Syndicate”, “By Debt of Service”.

In 2010, the actress was invited to play the role of Cassiopeia in “Battle of the Titans”. The adventure action film was nominated for “Saturn.” After 2 years, Paulie played in the painting “John Carter”. Fantastic action thriller Andrew Stanton has been nominated for “Saturn.” Then there were roles in the TV series “Mr. Selfridge”, “Paranoid”, “Age vs. Beauty”. Among the actress’s most recent works is the role of Peggy in the 2019 TV series “Pennyworth”. The directors of the crime action film are Danny Cannon, Rob Bailey, Bill Eagles.

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