Piret Mängel: biography, creativity, career, personal life

The domestic viewer knows Estonian actress Piret Mängel from the adventure film “Hearts of Three”. She also starred in the film “The Man from Kapuchin Boulevard” in an occasional role.


Last year, Piret had an anniversary, she turned 50. And the future actress was born in Tallinn in January 1969. After school, the girl went to a theater institute to get a specialized education and become an actress. When she was 18 years old, the young beauty’s film debut took place in the film “The Man from Kapuchin Boulevard”. Mängel has an occasional role here. She plays a cabaret dancer beaming in a bar.


But the fame Piret was brought by the film “Hearts of Three”. Here she reincarnated to Akatawa — an Indian priestess. The performer of this role had to possess an unusual, mesmerizing appearance. Long couldn’t find a suitable actress. And in the days of the USSR, when a person with “foreign” appearance was required, invited the Baltic actor. That’s what happened to Ppiret, too. The actress spoke poorly in Russian, so she was then voiced by Anna Kamenkova.

As recalled Vladimir Shevelkov, who starred together with the Baltic beauty, that played his role so convincingly that in one scene he was frightened, thinking that Piret entered the image could prick him with a dagger.


Itso happened that the domestic audience mostly remembered the girl on this film — “Hearts of Three”. Here she played with the illustrious stars of the USSR. As eyewitnesses recall, Mängel kept the mansion from the whole film crew, almost nobody communicated and didn’t even make a pleasant relationship. Maybe it was because Piret didn’t know Russian well, or she was hampered by a proud Baltic character, or the girl kept slightly arrogant.

At the shooting of this film, one of the actors asked the Estonian actress if Josef Mengel was her relative? This German doctor was a Nazi criminal who abused prisoners of Auschwitz concentration camp by conducting non-human experiments on them.

The actor thought that the surname Mängel was similar in consonance. But the girl didn’t take offense at such a question, and even joked that he was her cousin.

Soviet actors created comical situations on the shooting of the film more than once. Then the Estonian diva was angry and said they were “nasty Russian boys.”

Alyona Khmelnitskaya, who performed one of the main roles, recalled that the Estonian actress seemed a little strange to her. This character of the Estonian girl was noted not only by Alyona, but also by some other actors.

Personal life

After filming in the motion picture “Hearts of Three”, there is little to be heard about the Baltic actress. It’s known about her successful marriage. In her time, Piret married a millionaire, but then divorced him and tried to start a family for a second time. Then she became the wife of an Italian, moved to his hometown. The Estonian woman is the owner of a multimillion-dollar fortune, and she also works in the civil service.

So famous film conquered the hearts of the rich world who offered a hand and heart to the Estonian girl with unearthly beauty.

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