Phoebe Cates: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Phoebe’s decision to become an actress was negatively taken in the family, despite the fact that the girl’s father was a director and Broadway producer, as was her uncle, one of the ceremony’s organizers” Oscar”.

Path Choice

The biography of the future star began in 1963. The girl appeared in New York on July 16. From the age of ten, the charming child started work as a model. Filmed Phoebe for teen magazines. A few years later came the decision to do dance.

However, the injury was the reason for 15-year-old Cates leaving the School of American Ballet. But the career of the professional model was very successful, only the girl bored, so I decided to change the type of activity. The idea of acting in movies loved ones accepted disapprovingly.

Despite not the reaction of Phoebe’s family in 1982 became a performer in the lead role in the melodramatic comedy “Paradise”. There, the aspiring star made her debut as a singer. The vocalist called her first album, as well as the kinosingle, “Paradise”.

Cinema and Vocals

Cates’s film work was remembered by the audience, but criticism took negatively the film itself. Phoebe was later careful not to recall her debut. A new role appeared in the youth comedy “Fast Change at Ridgemont High”. The actress starred with Hollywood stars. Then there were “Lace”, “Gremlins”, “Private School”. For the latter project, the performer recorded two compositions.

The celebrity admitted that the first film, where the main bet was on the heroine’s bright appearance, prevented the talent from fully revealing. The directors then the girl’s skill was to nothing, they sought to use typage. About other amplua and there was no speech.

But neither did Phoebe’s music career appeal. She finally parted with vocals and cinematography in the mid-nineties. The main thing for the star was family. Now Cates dealt exclusively with children.

Family and Business

Back on set performer in 2001 in the dramedy “Anniversary” as Sophia Gold. In one of their episodes, both children were co-starring with her.


star’s personal life folded happily. Her choice and husband was actor Kevin Kline. Two children, son Owen Joseph and daughter Greta Simon, grew up in the family. The girl chose a musical future, becoming a fairly famous singer. She acts under the name of Frankie Cosmos. Her brother chose cinematography, starring in the dramedy “Squid and the Whale” in 2005.

Phoebe doesn’t keep an Instagram account. And other social networks her new pictures do not appear. The actress is unwilling to make her privacy public.

A celebrity is in business. She is the owner of the fashion boutique “Blue Tree”. His Phoebe opened in 2005 on Madison Avenue in New York City. The businesswoman gives all the strength to the development of his project.

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