Petrov post: rules and peculies

The main feature of the Petrovsky post is its completion always on July 11.


Begins Govenier 7 days after Holy Trinity Day. In 2020, the holiday will be on June 7. So the Apostolic post will begin on the 15th of the day.

It will last 27 days. The maximum term was 42-two-day and the shortest was eight-day. The post serves as preparation for the day of the Supreme Apostles Peter and Paul, on July 12.

Features of

Pentecost Post last from a week to a month and a half. Initially, those who for various reasons before Easter couldn’t fast.

In “Petrovki-hunger strike” it is enough to exclude from consumption only food of animal origin. Almost all days fish dishes are allowed.

The dissolution is related to the origin of Peter, the patron saint of anglers. However, on Wednesdays and Fridays fish dishes are prohibited, only raw eating is allowed. Eggs, meat and milk are excluded.

That is allowed

In lean days in Russia prepared pies with whole, not cut into pieces, fish. To eat really lean food without harm to health, take mushrooms, vegetables, fruits and berries. There’s a lot of eating for days of shoving.

In summer good okroshki without meat and eggs, lean trees. The rest of the allowed meals during the “petrovok-hunger” are the same as in other posts.

Which is prohibited

On such days of marriage do not take place. Refrain from crowning and celebrating the anniversary of the marriage.

The rules for lay people are less strict than for monks. The Church recommends instead of the usual views of TV series and action movies to be limited to programs of cognitive nature, rather than to get carried away with negative projects. It also makes sense to stop using social networks for a time.

The obligatory requirements include prayers. It is necessary to communicate with God, visit the temple, try not to offend anyone at such a time. In the days of “petrovok” it is customary to dock. So it makes sense to make time for such a procedure.

Rules and signs

According to popular tradition, the house is customary to prepare for the end of the fast. All the garbage and jams from the dwelling are cleaned in recent days. By the end of the fast, the autumn first crops usually begin. From ancient times, men went fishing in the last days.

It is customary to pray for the health of the loved ones living and for their rest, for the rest of those who have died, to ask for God’s help in the fight against everyday life problems.

To each their own

are released from fasting pregnant, nursing women. Spiritual abstinences are provided for them.

There are measures for military personnel, working and students. Children’s post is related to special topics. It is advisable to talk to the child in advance, to agree that instead of restrictions in the necessary meat and dairy food the baby will eat less sweet.

One thing is certain: you can’t “eat” your loved ones. This means that it is necessary to refrain from quarrels and other negative acts that deprive peace in the house. It is such acts that destroy the bridge between men and God.

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