Petersburg softens coronavirus restrictions, but do not forget about safety rules


epidemiological situation in the city is beginning to improve, as noted by Governor Alexander Beglov, adding that the number of convalescent already exceeds the number of sickened. The number of hospitalizations of patients with “kovid” has also decreased.

St. Petersburg, as the chief specialist of Komzdrava SPB Andrey Ivanov, has already been among the leaders in terms of the number of tests done for coronavirus. The city ranks fourth.

More people can check their health. This, by the way, is an important step in the fight against coronavirus, as a person is checked for active phase of the disease and pathogen, as well as for antibodies.

City authorities are gradually beginning to lift the restrictions imposed. So, at the end of June in St. Petersburg again earned summer verandas, albeit subject to a number of conditions. Solemn registration of marriages is also allowed. And St. Petersburg women will finally be able to do a manicure.

The provision of socio-psychological and socio-pedagogical services has been resumed, but with the use of remote technologies and semi-stationary forms.


doors of the city zoo are open. The main thing is that visitors must remember that masks and gloves have not yet been cancelled.

Citizens should remember that the second wave of coronavirus is quite real. Experts and doctors predict a new round of disease “kovid” by autumn. With the beginning of their studies in schools and universities, young people who have previously vacationed will return to the city. Don’t forget the freshmen as well. There’s no guarantee the guys won’t bring the infection. Each Russian region has its own epidemiological situation on coronavirus, and not always good.

City authorities, taking into account such forecasts, continue to prepare. Petersburg needs full-fledged hospitals, not temporary hospitals like Lenexpo. Thus, the funding of Kolpina hospital was increased.

According to Beglov, the city is preparing, but should not forget about safety rules: “I have been a lot in red zones, in hospitals. It’s hard people get sick. And they say, “Was it hard for me to put on my mask and gloves?” These are incomparable things.” So remember the social distance, masks and gloves. A normal person thinks about his health and that it is unacceptable to put other people at risk because of his own irresponsibility. Removing restrictions is, of course, wonderful, but if we forget about these rules, we will get a second wave of coronavirus, so don’t relax! Remember that health comes first.

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