Peter Hall: biography, creativity, career, personal life

The actor is well known for starring in the 1987 fantasy action film “Predator”. It was he who played the famous alien monster.

In creative biography of the performer 20 roles in television and film projects. His face was rarely seen on screen because usually Hall played characters who required tons of makeup and special costumes to create.

Facts from the biography

Kevin Peter was born in the United States in spring 1955. He apparently inherited his height from his parents. Hall’s father and mother were very tall men, and the boy himself was overtaken in stature by his parents and six brothers. By the time of filming in the famous “Predator”, Hall’s height was 218 cm.

From an early age, the boy got carried away with the game of basketball. During his school and student years, he continued to pursue his favorite sport and achieved good results. The native thought he would become a professional athlete, but Hall ended up choosing a very different profession, though he devoted many years to basketball.


youngster received his primary education at Penn Hills High School in Pennsylvania. His friend was future famous actor Jay Finchell. Together they did several musical productions. But after graduating, Jay moved to Los Angeles and Peter went to Venezuela to continue playing sports professionally.

After becoming the holder of a sports personal scholarship, he continued his studies at George Washington University, where he played for the varsity basketball team. But soon the creativity completely took over Hall, and he decided to devote further life to art and cinema.

After graduation, Hall traveled to Los Angeles, where he remet his longtime friend Finchell. They began performing in nightclubs and staged several musical performances. Friends also had a small advertising business; for a time they successfully collaborated with major outlets.

Film career

Fans of fantasy films know Peter’s works well. He played Predator, Bigfoot Harry, a mutant bear in “Prophecy”, an alien in “Caveat”. Hall was of very tall stature, athletic physique and possessed good flexibility and stamina. Perhaps it was these qualities that allowed him to get the title role in the famous “Predator”, because originally it was claimed by Jean-Claude Van Damme. But against Schwarzenegger’s background, Van Damme didn’t look very impressive. And here’s Hall perfectly suited for the role. An interesting fact is that the true face of the actor can still be seen in the film. In the last footage of the painting, he appeared on screen in the image of a helicopter pilot.

Shortly before “Predator”, Peter was undergoing another casting call. He was preparing to play an alien in V. Petersen’s “My Enemy”, but eventually the director chose another performer for the role.

Hall’s film debut was in 1979. He was given the role of a mutant bear in a horror film directed by J. Frankenheimer’s “Prophecy.” A year later he got the role of an alien in the fantasy thriller G. Clark’s “No Warning.”

In the 1982 television film “The Sinister Game”, the actor played Gorvil. The film tells about a group of students who became fascinated with the role-playing game “Labyrinths and Monsters” and gradually ceased to distinguish fictional events from real ones. That same year, Hall appeared onscreen in the image of Eddie in the mystical thriller “Once Dark Night”.

For a time, the actor worked in popular television series and films: “Dukes from Hazzard”, “Night Court”, “227″, “Martyrs of Science”, “Monster from the Closet”.

In 1987, William Deer’s fantasy comedy “Harry and the Hendersons”, where Hall first appeared in the image of Bigfoot Harry. The film won an Oscar for Best Grim and was also nominated 4 times for a Saturn Award.

Another famous monster character Hall played in John McTiernan’s 1987 cult fantasy action film “Predator”. Famous performers were shot in the painting: A. Schwarzenegger, K. Weather, Jesse Ventura, Bill Duke. The film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Visual Effects and has qualified for the Saturn Award three times.

In this image, Hall also appeared in the next installment of the popular action film “Predator 2″, which went to screens in 1990.

The actor played in several more popular paintings, among them: “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, “Road to Hell”, “Shorty Is the Big Shit”, “America’s Mysteries Book”. Hall’s last work was the role of Bigfoot Harry in the TV series “Harry and the Hendersons”.

Personal life

On the filming of the comedy project “227″, Hall met his future wife — actress Alaina Reed. According to the plot of the film, they were supposed to get married. After filming ended, the wedding took place in real life. The marriage took place on December 22, 1988, in Los Angeles. Two children were born in this union.

But the couple’s happiness did not last long. In the early 1990s, misfortune happened to Hall. He was involved in a car crash and suffered serious injuries. When the actor was brought to the clinic, he needed to have a blood transfusion. After a while, it was discovered that the blood was infected with HIV. The treatment did not produce results; Hall developed AIDS.

On the filming of the TV series “Harry and the Hendersons”, where the actor played Bigfoot, he announced that he was deathly ill. He managed to star only in the first season of the project.

In the

spring of 1991, Hall developed pneumonia amid the underlying disease. He retired from life at the age of 35 a month before his next birthday.

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