Peter Glebov: a brief biography

Childhood and youth

Popular fame and love came to this actor at adulthood. His acting fate is inseparable from that of his native country. The future People’s Artist of the Soviet Union came to light on 14 April 1915 in a noble family. At that time, the parents lived in Moscow. His father sat in the Noble Assembly. The mother, according to ancient tradition, was engaged in raising children and household. After the October Revolution of 1917, many relatives left their homeland and moved who to France and someone to the United States. But the Glebows decided to share their fate with Russia.

In order to survive the fevering, the family moved to the Moscow village of Nazarievo. It housed a stud farm that belonged to the grandfather. Peter was lucky to ride the horse for the first time in four years. The horse was chosen to humble not to frighten the child. The way of village life differed significantly from urban. Glebov had to get up early and go to the stable to look after his pet. Petya dreamed of becoming a hussar. In the evenings, the kids gathered under the windows of the big house, and sang songs under the grandpa garmon.

Creative career

Pyotr Glebov received his primary education in rural school. After the seventh grade on the advice of relatives, the future actor continued his studies at the road reclamation technical school, which was located in Zvenigorod. During his student years, Glebov was active in the theater circle. After receiving the diploma of a meliorator technician, he served two years in the specialty. Peter coped with production tasks easily. However, he was engaged by the scene. Eventually, Glebov made the decision to enter the drama studio, which was run by the famous director Konstantin Stanislavski.

After graduating from the studio, Glebov was accepted into the company of the Moscow Drama Theatre. However, the greatest progress on the creative ladder was hindered by war. In the first days Pyotr Petrovich signed up as a volunteer in the Moscow militia. He had to serve in anti-aircraft artillery units. After winning he returned to the theatre and served there until 1969. Played roles in all repertory performances. The textured actor was regularly invited to participate in film shoots. The most striking role of the Glebs played in the painting “Quiet Don”.

Recognition and personal life

Over the years Pyotr Petrovich has starred in a wide variety of roles. He did not suffer from a “stellar” illness. He also worked with pleasure on the main roles and on the episodic ones. For his great contribution to the development of domestic film art, Glebov was awarded the honorary title of “People’s Artist of the Soviet Union”.


actor’s personal life developed safely. The actor married once and for life. His consort became Marina Levitskaya. Husband and wife raised and raised two daughters. Pyotr Glebov died in April 2000 of heart disease.

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