Pedro Capo: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Pedro Francisco Rodriguez Sosa grew up in an atmosphere of creativity. Music was handled by several generations of his ancestors. The legend of Puerto Rico music is called the grandfather of vocalist Bobby Capo, and the grandmother of the performer, Irma Nidia Vázquez, won the title of “Miss Puerto Rico” at one time.

The road to recognition

The biography of a future celebrity began in 1980. The boy was born in Santurce on November 14 in the family of a popular singer. The music was constantly heard in the family. The father often took his son to his concerts. The first instrument mastered by the child was the guitar. Pedro’s education after graduation continued in college.

With friends the talented student founded in 1995 the band “Marca Registrada”, in which he was both a guitarist and a vocalist. The collective quickly gained popularity. After finishing his studies, the young man moved to the United States and took the alias Capo. The guy had to perform in bars and clubs.

In 2005, the singer’s first album “Fuego y Amore” was released. A duet with Talia in 2009 solidified the vocalist’s fame. The hit “Estoy Enamorado” lagged for a long time in the leaders of the Latin American charts. The new compilations fans had to wait 10 years due to extended touring.

The success


“Pedro Capo” released in 2011, three years later presented “Aquila”, and in 2017 there was the CD “En Letra de Otro”. “Aquila” and “En Letra de Otro” took places in the top five Latin American pop albums.

Simultaneously the young man realized as an actor. He played in “Journey” and in “Shut Up and Do It”, was an actor of musicals in New York. In 2017 Capo participated in filming the painting “Almost Like a Prayer” with Hollywood stars. New success came in 2018 with the release of the single “Calma”. Pedro was handed a Grammy for best music video a year later.

On the stage behind the vocalist fixed the image of the lovelas, often provoking listeners with his appearance. In reality, however, this manner of behavior is not characteristic of Puerto Rican.

Family and variety Personal life of

Pedro is not marked by any high-profile novels. In 1998, his choice and wife was Jessica Rodriguez. Three children grow up in their family.


musician calls his road to success “the rule of three “P”: passion, perseverance, patience, that is, passion, perseverance and patience. And the last musician considers the toughest moment. In an interview, the vocalist admitted that all obstacles in his path to fame he considers steps to improve his art.

Pedro Capo is active in social media. He runs an Instagram page. The singer and actor doesn’t just post snaps, but also discuss social topics with subscribers. His new music videos appear on the singer’s channel on “Youtube”. The musician does not stop creating new compositions and pay attention to them.

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