Pavel Vorozhtsov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Childhood and adolescence

 Among modern experts on the upbringing of the younger generation there are extremists who advocate total control over the child. There is some sense in this approach. That is what the famous actor Pavel V. Vorozhtsov believes. At one time, he experienced from his own experience the positive impact of guidance from the senior. Paul doesn’t hide that as a child and didn’t dream of performing on stage. The boy, like many friends, was attracted to military service. More accurately to say, a beautiful uniform and a holster with a gun on his belt.

The future actor of theatre and cinema came to light on April 30, 1980 in an ordinary Soviet family. Parents at that time lived in the famous city of Tallinn. His father worked at the port. Her mother taught art studies at the local teaching institute. The boy grew up until time without standing out from the environment of his peers. By the age of twelve, he began to show the abilities of an informal leader. He knew how to fight and swear as a cobbler. It was during this chronological period that his mother took him to a children’s theater studio, which was called “Pinocchio”.

Creative activity

In the early days Paul had no desire to master the basics of acting. However, soon his mood changed. Changed after he heard applause from the auditorium. Young artists regularly toured the city’s schools and showed their performances. Vorozhtsov such a rhythm of life began to like. After school, he joined the local Normal University for the Faculty of Philology. However, the theatre is already firmly entrenched in its heart. Pavel continued to participate in the performances of Tallinn Drama Theatre.

After graduating in 2002 from the university, Vorozhtsov left for Moscow, where he decided to get a profile education at the school studio of MHAT. After receiving his diploma, the actor entered service at the Moscow Art Theatre. In film, Paul began acting in his student years. He performed his first notable role in the TV series “Cadets”. The experience proved successful and the actor began to invite in large-scale projects. In 2019 Vorozhtsov worked with brilliance in the paintings “Loyalty” and “Union of Salvation”. Paul is regularly invited to participate in various programs on television.

Recognition and personal life

Vorozhtsov’s acting career developed successfully. His creativity was appreciated at the official level. In 2017, Pavel was awarded the Certificate of Honour of the President of the Russian Federation for his great contribution to the development of domestic culture and art.


actor’s personal life developed safely. He resides in a legal marriage to director Alena Anokhina. Husband and wife raise and raise two children — a son and a daughter.

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