Pavel Leonidov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Pavel Leonidov is a famous Soviet poet. Songs for his poems were performed by Iosif Kobzon, Vladimir Vysotsky, VIA “Flowers”, Lyudmila Gurchenko and other famous singers, actors and bands.


Leonidov biography

Pavel Leonidovich was born in Moscow in September 1927 into a creative family. His father was a theatre actor and his mother the daughter of Lev Levin, who was shot after being accused of murdering writer Maxim Gorky.

Pavel Leonidov’s childhood and youth were held in Leningrad.

Musical career

Having been educated, Pavel Leonidovich goes to work as an organizer of concerts and confederances . He was able to discover many future pop stars.

Leonidov was impresario with Claudia Shulzhenko, Vladimir Vysotsky, Valery Obodzinski, Joseph Kobzon, Mark Bernes, Larisa Mondrus and other famous actors and singers.

Creatively talented man wrote poems to the songs that became popular. Among them: “Twig of rowan”, “Romance”, “School Ball”, “Whole World”, “Memory”, “Snowflake”, “Listopad” and others. Still the famous impresario worked at the Moscow Variety Theatre, he was the director of this temple of art.

In the mid-seventies, he emigrated to America.

Pavel Leonidovich Leonidov was the uncle of the singer Vladimir Vysotsky. The famous impresario organized a tour of this famous singer in 1979, when V.S. Vysotsky gave concerts in North American cities.

P. L. Leonidov wrote books. He created these works already in New York, and published them there.

Personal life

Pavel Leonidov had a wife — Olga Petrovna. Olya’s eldest daughter also became a song-poet. She also worked as a radio host. Then her daughter married Anatoly Semyonovich Gross, gave the famous father of two grandchildren and a granddaughter. The heirs received an excellent education in America. Over time, young people became businessmen, and the girl – a lawyer.

Pavel Leonidovich Leonidov had a cousin — Alexey Vysotsky — father of the famous Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky.

Pavel Leonidov had not only such an illustrious cousin, but also a cousin — writer Irena Alekseevna Vysotskaya. She has created many books for children, is a cousin of Vladimir Vysotsky.

Last years

Pavel Leonidovich wrote 3 books: “Lebyazhy Lane”, “Operation “Return”, “Vladimir Vysotsky and others”. Pavel Leonidovich did not become in 1984. In 2011, the film “Vysotsky. Thank you for being alive.” Here Pavel Leonidov was played by singer Maxim Leonidov. But these two famous men do not consist of kinship, as Maxim is the one-fadder of the great impresario.

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