Pavel Ilyin: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Childhood and adolescence

Boys still love playing war. At an early age, it is possible to determine the character characteristics of such players Pavel Yurievich Ilyin had the ability to reincarnate since childhood. Friends often chose him as the commander of the team “ours”. At the same time, if necessary, he could convincingly perform the role of “spy.” The future actor of theatre and cinema came to light on March 8, 1963 in an ordinary Soviet family. His parents resided in Moscow. His father worked as an accountant. Her mother taught the basics of engineering graphics at the university.

Paul studied well at school. However, there were not enough stars from the sky. He participated with great desire in the numbers of artistic self-activity. After eighth grade, he decided to enter the local radio engineering school. In his spare time, he attended classes of the theater studio at the district house of culture. At one of the rehearsals, he was noticed by an assistant director from Mosfilm studio and invited him to play the title role in the painting “Gentle Age”. The picture was a success with audiences and critics. After filming ended, Paul was called into the ranks of the armed forces.

Creative activity

in the spring of 1985, having returned to the “citizen” after demobilization, Ilyin decided to enter the famous School-Studio MHAT. But from the first turn it failed to pass the creative competition. He managed to become a student of this institution in 1987. Already in his first year, Ilyin began to perform occasional and minor roles on the professional scene. In 1991, after receiving a profile education, Pavel joined the company of the Chekhov Art Theatre. He played leading roles in productions of “The Seagull”, “Two Angels, Four Men”, “Passions According to Bumbarash”.

Ilyin’s creativity was appreciated by both the audience and experts. In 1995, he received an offer from cult director Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov to move to the theatre, which was informally called “Tabakerka”. After much hesitation, the actor agreed and, what is called, did not guess. Paul, with his inherent diligence and neatness, soon became one of the troupe’s leading actors. Ilyin created memorable performances in the performances “Psych”, “Notes of Adventurer Felix Krul”, “Camera Obscura”.

Recognition and personal life

At the same time as working in the theater, the actor is in movies. In 2019, he sang the title role in the painting “The Humorist”. Pavel Ilyin was awarded the honorary title “Honored Artist of the Russian Federation” for his contribution to the development of theatre arts in 2008.

Little is known about the actor’s personal life. Some time ago, he tried to build a family. The relationship did not develop — the husband and wife decided to break up. Pavel Yuryevich continues to act in the theatre and star in films.

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