Patrick Fiori: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Music surrounded Patrick Jean-François Chouchayan from birth. The artist gained notoriety in music circles as a teenager. In public for the first time as a professional he appeared at age 12.

On the way to triumph

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Biography of the Future Star began in 1969. On September 23, the boy appeared in the family of an Armenian and a Corsican in Marseille. Besides Patrick, parents raised four more children. To help his father, the boy took a pizza to sell, and the decorator was, and an electrician.

The first appearance in public occurred at the Opera de Marseille. The talented boy was invited to participate in the musical comedy “La Legende des Santonniers”. Very soon came an invitation to the talent show for young artists “Les habits du dimanche”, culminating in a victory. Then there was the French Song contest and the Grand Prix on it.

The aspiring entertainer decided for the stage to take his mother’s surname, realizing that for pronunciation it is much easier to obtain at birth.

In 1993 Fiori went to Eurovision. The single “Mama Corsica” earned it number four and a new soar in popularity. In 1994-1995 two albums by the vocalist were released.

Starry work

After auditioning in 1997 famous poet-songwriter Eddie Marnay introduced the singer to colleagues selecting artists for the musical “Notre Dame de Paris”. Famous performer of the role of captain of the royal shooters after its release acquired the world.

From the troupe, the vocalist left after the release of the third compilation “Prends-moi” to do the preparation of the new disc “Chrysalide”. In total, the artist has released 9 albums. He has 2 silver, as many platinum and 9 gold discs.

Pretty busy and personal life of a celebrity. While working on “Notre Dame de Paris”, a novel by Patrick and Julie Zenatti began. Together they were 8 years old. Then from romantic relationships transformed into friendly ones.

In 1998, an affair with singer Lara Fabian began. Together, the artists attended events, performed on stage, appeared on television. However, the couple announced their break-up a couple of years later.

Family and stage The

spouse of the star became Vice Miss France-2000 Ariane Catrefage. The official ceremony took place in 2008. A year later, the first child, son Sevan, appeared in the family.

In 2014, he had a younger brother.

Patrick admitted in an interview that he regretted not hiding previous novels. In his view, personal, much less family life should be a completely closed subject to the general public.

Ariane is busy raising children and home. She doesn’t like being in the spotlight. At the same time, the spouse is the husband’s full business partner. She always takes part in the work on his albums.

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