Why you cant reboil boiled water

When water can turn into an enemy

People living in cities have long been accustomed to boiling water before drinking it. This action is aimed at eliminating various bacteria and microbes that feel perfectly in the raw liquid, but are collapsing under the influence of high temperatures. It

is common for many to boil water once again in order to treat yourself to another portion of such a fragrant drink as tea or coffee. But it has no semantic focus. The liquid has already been decontaminated by the first thermal treatment and will not become even cleaner from any number of subsequent similar procedures. From a medical perspective, the water used should be replaced with a new one. Such measures are required on several grounds.

First of all, re-boiling already prepared for consumption reduces its taste quality, after which the liquid begins to give unpleasant metallic aftertaste.

Even in crystal water contains not the most useful impurities — especially if we talk about the chlorinated liquid of cities. The composition of the water is arranged so that the additional effects of fire will cause only oxygen molecules to evaporate. Thus, the water will “weigh down” as the amount of liquid it contains will decrease, while the amount of harmful precipitation will remain unchanged.

It is noteworthy that boiling seawater is at all useless — by doing so several times, you will see that the liquid has evaporated, leaving in its place unsuitable for drinking salt. Impurities of salts are also found in fresh water, but not in such quantities. When boiled, other harmful substances are released — carcinogens, the amount of which depends directly on how much and often to heat the same water. All these substances do not have an immediate effect on the body, but, accumulating in it for years, gradually destroy it.

How not to disturb the vitality of water

How to protect your health from the negative influence of water? It is necessary to periodically make its replacement in a kettle – whenever you plan to boil it. You can leave the former liquid, but then it is necessary to limit its simple heating without boiling.

We will have to try to make repeated boiling of water bad effects on the person. In order to achieve the subsidence of harmful precipitation in hazardous doses, it is necessary to either be boiled countless times or to drink improperly prepared for consumption throughout long term. But it is worth approaching this question consciously, how water will turn into your body’s irreplaceable friend.

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