Why would a married girl wear a short skirt

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To understand the question of why married women wear short skirts, first you need to understand what, in principle, girls wear skirts like that. The answer begs itself. Miniskirt is needed to attract the attention of men. By and large, that’s the way it is. After all, girls like to catch men’s looks on themselves.

Thanks to this, they feel prettier, sexier, more desirable. Their self-esteem from it grows and their mood improves.

Of course, in order to get all of the above, other “tools” can be used. You can shine with intelligence, savvy, sense of humor or charm. But here’s a short skirt — the quickest way to get what you want.

True, not everyone understands that this “quick cream removal” effect is very superficial. With the help of such a skirt, the girl will not get what is hidden behind this desire to like. And behind him, usually lurks, the desire to be loved. Girls want a guy to fall in love with them, whom they can trust all their secrets, complain about life’s difficulties and get support from him.

What married girls dream


Imagine that the girl still found the prince and became his wife. And here she puts on a short skirt again. What does she want to achieve now? Well, there are a few options here. First, she may be unhappy in marriage and thus declares it to surrounding men. She kind of gives them the green light. The girl is on the lookout again, though with a ring on her finger. Secondly, the girl in this way can make her husband jealous, she wants to feel again that he still loves her.

In addition, she may unknowingly wish to derive these sensations from admired looks.

But all those answers come down to one thing. One way or another, the girl has an attention deficit from her own husband. Here, of course, you can immediately lash out with accusations against him. He ignores her so much! It may be about him. A man can be nonverbose, consider that everything shows by his actions. Or in general, in the registry office he said that he loves, what else is necessary?!

But the main reasons that the husband does not notice the beauty of the wife, she needs to look in herself. Maybe she dresses and dyes just before going outside, and at home walks in an unsightly old robe with dirty hair. Or she “saws” from morning to evening that he doesn’t really feel for her any more previous feelings, let alone want to give her compliments.

One way or another, the conclusion as to why a married girl puts on a short skirt or shorts can be drawn as follows. All girls want to feel beautiful, welcome and loved. And it doesn’t depend on whether they’re married or not. But with the help of what to achieve, everyone decides independently. The short skirt allows you to get a quick and short-term effect, but you need to think hard before you use it if you’re married.

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