Why the cat gets pumped in auto

Despite the external differences between people and their pets, in many ways they are similar. Sometimes it’s amicable, and sometimes when mustachioed and tailed are touched by the same ailments as their masters, it can be very distressing. It is not uncommon for pets who travel with their owners to suffer from so-called “sea sickness”.

Reasons why a cat is pumped

 How to understand that your pet is suffering from edging? This is evidenced by a number of symptoms, which include abundant salivation, nausea and vomiting, and in some cases diarrhea. If you notice that the cat does not tolerate car trips well, it is best to try not to take it with you or keep such journeys to a minimum.

 Most often the cat is pumped in the car due to weakness of the vestibular apparatus of the animal which is in his inner ear. If the reason for your pet’s “seasickness” is just that, then the cat only gets bad while driving the car, whereas during stops it is easier.

Other reasons why the cat is pumped in the car – is the intolerance of the smell of gasoline and heavy gas on the road. In this case, the only way is not to carry the animal with you or to use any other mode of transport.

What to do if a cat is pumped in the road

First of all, don’t feed the animal on the day you have a trip for. Then, perhaps, the cat will not develop vomiting, and with strong salivation, you can wipe your pet’s muzzle with pre-prepared paper napkins.

 In veterinary clinics and pet stores you can buy special drugs that prevent bouts of “sea sickness” in animals. These include “Meclicin”, “Beafar”, and others. Do not give them to the cat without having previously consulted a veterinarian.

Sometimes the symptoms of poking in the car in the cat arise due to stress caused by the trip. To avoid this a couple of days before the journey, start giving the cat a homeopathic sedative, such as “Phospasim”. Calculate exactly the dosage of the drug based on the animal’s mass. If all symptoms arise precisely as a result of stress caused by the changing situation, sedatives will allow them to get rid.

Some owners believe that if the cat has limited freedom of movement and review — for example, it goes to a car, being in a special carrier bag — then it gets less.

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