Why record dreams after waking up

Many people don’t think sleep is anything important. They end up missing a huge number of opportunities. Let’s list the main ones.

First, they cannot keep in memory amazing events that even though they did not happen in reality, but still carry a certain emotional color.

Secondly, through dreams, the subconscious often helps us to cope with problems, complex tasks. It is necessary to be able to use such clues.

Third, regular keeping a dream diary will help to realize yourself in sleep, learn how to manage your own actions rather than just observe.

Observing the subconscious

Many psychologists are trepid about dreams. For example, Carl Jung thought it was a door to the subconscious. And with the help of a dream diary you can open it. Why record dreams? Thanks to this action it will be possible to study your emotions, learn a lot about yourself.

It is not uncommon for people to have the same events. By writing them into a diary, you can notice a certain pattern. This will allow you to understand what the subconscious is trying to communicate.

Improving memory and awareness

Why record dreams? This process has a beneficial effect on our memory. Many faced the fact that after awakening well remember the events that they saw in dreams. After a few hours, however, they forget them. Fixing dreams on paper will save the dreamed events in memory.

By the end of the day, one will remember his dream in minute detail, even if on paper he recorded it without details.

Fixing dreams is one of the main ways of entering a conscious dream. Thanks to regular diary keeping, one day it is possible to realize that all events around are just a dream.

It is at this point that a person will get the opportunity to manage their own actions, not just watch them.

Source of inspiration

The plot seen in a dream can be used when writing a book. This reception was used at one time by Salvador Dalí. Edgar Allan Poe has stories that he saw in dreams.

Record the events seen in your dream on paper and maybe in the near future you will write a book that will become a bestseller.

As a conclusion

Why record dreams? It’s fun. Don’t look for a reason for that. Usually the plots seen in dreams can be more interesting than the most popular films. In our sleep, we spend a huge part of our lives. Therefore dreams can be perceived as another entertainment.

Don’t show your records to the people around you. Because of ridicule, the desire to fix dreams can abyss. It is necessary to record dreams at least in order to remember them. What to do with them next is each person’s personal choice. But it’s better to own information from sleep than to lose it. Remember that any knowledge has the potential to change life in a drastic way. Don’t underestimate your dreams.

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