Why is it still sitting on dating sites?

Sometimes men already start relationships, but don’t give up dating sites while continuing to sit on them. Women cannot be satisfied with this situation. But before accusing a partner of anything, one can try to understand the possible reasons for this behavior.

Polygamous male

Connoisseurs of male psychology assure that all members of the strong sex are inherently polygamous. It means that to meet one woman’s sexual needs, no matter how much they love her. Scientists have tried more than once to find scientific confirmation to this fact by drawing an analogy to animals. In the wild, all males are polygamous. Some men are happy to make such an argument as justification for their infidelity. Comparing humans and animals is not entirely correct. A person has developed a sense of responsibility, duty. That being said, many men really feel the need to be with multiple women at once. Nothing can be done with this feature. They are not enough of one girl. Even having met one that fits all requirements, they continue to sit on dating websites flirting on the side. Trying to re-educate such a man early in a relationship is futile. Don’t roll up his scandals. He’ll still go to dating sites to look at girls, chat. It will take time to make a difference. In some it passes with age.

Crave attention

Men are very vain. They enjoy the attention. When in real life it’s not enough, they go into a virtual plane, sit on dating sites. There’s a much better chance of getting praise. Such men collect comments and likes, which leads them to believe in their own irresistibility. The way out of this situation is only one – more often to praise the elect that he doesn’t want to get all this on the side.

Setting up on dating sites

For many people, dating sites are already a lifestyle, a habit. Such virtual venues are highly addictive, there is a kind of addiction. And tethering may not be exactly to dating sites, but to a computer, to an unhurried pastime online. It doesn’t matter that much where to shorten evenings or lunch breaks. Going to familiar sites, you can relax, relax, look at pictures of beautiful girls. In such a situation it is important not to require the man to immediately stop visiting these venues, especially if he spent a lot of time there before the beginning of the relationship. It is better to discreetly offer him alternative options, to be interested in something. It could be some forums, groups on social networks, unrelated to dating. After all, it’s better to sometimes play computer games than flirt with girls.

Do not suit the relationship

Even when the relationship can already be considered settled, it does not mean that everything is comfortable with each other. Men are peculiar to choose. Some are forever on the lookout. And the fascination with dating sites is one of the evidence. If a guy walks in on them not out of habit, but for new communication, actively writes and responds to strangers, the choice has not yet been made. Deep down, he realizes that he has not found the best option, so continues to look for the ideal. Coming to terms with that is difficult. In such cases, it is better to act dramatically. Sometimes a good shake-up makes it clear how badly a man is missing, how expensive he is. Perhaps, and the man will realize that he has already found one, and further searches are useless.

Just communicates

Men sit on dating sites not only for the purpose of finding a permanent companion, but also for the purpose of communication. Happens and such. Of course, it may seem strange, but in reality the regulars of similar venues can’t refuse them anymore. There were friends on correspondence who already became as native. You can talk to them on different topics. It doesn’t have to be flirting. If a man explains his behavior like this, it’s worth asking him to go to websites less often. Over time, interest will disappear. And longtime pals are likely to find their second halves. It is unlikely their new favorites will like such a format of communication.

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